Star Trek: Voyager Episode Guide

Season 3

Basics, Part II

S3 E1 ● 1996-Sep-04
Left for dead by the Kazon, Captain Janeway and the crew brave the elements and hostile natives on Hanon IV, a primitive planet. When Hogan is viciously killed by a land eel and then Kes is abducted b


S3 E2 ● 1996-Sep-11
Tuvok suddenly begins having strange, disorienting attacks which cause a disturbing childhood memory to resurface. As the trauma begins to degrade his neural system he knows he must take action or he

The Chute

S3 E3 ● 1996-Sep-18
While on an Akritirian planet, Paris and Kim are believed to be members of the Open Sky terrorist group and are arrested, tried, and convicted of planting a trilithium-based bomb. Before they know it,

The Swarm

S3 E4 ● 1996-Sep-25
The Doctor's rehearsal of an opera duet on the Holodeck is interrupted when he is called to treat the severely injured Lieutenant Paris, who, while aboard a shuttecraft with Torres, has been attacked

False Profits

S3 E5 ● 1996-Oct-02
When Voyager detects replicator technology and Alpha Quadrant inhabitants on a nearby planet, Chakotay and Paris transport there to find an impoverished, struggling society. They soon find a pa


S3 E6 ● 1996-Oct-09
The Voyager crew picks up passengers from the homeworld Enara Prime and learns of their telepathic ability. Before long, Lieutenant Torres begins having intense, sensuous dreams of herself as a

Sacred Ground

S3 E7 ● 1996-Oct-30
Kes is left for dead after she enters a sacred shrine on the Nechani homeworld and is hit by a mysterious energy burst. The Nechani explain to Janeway that monks receive purification of their souls in

Future's End, Part I

S3 E8 ● 1996-Nov-06
The Voyager crew finally arrives home -- only they're in the right place at the wrong time: Los Angeles, 1996. Using 24th century technology Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay desperately s

Future's End, Part II

S3 E9 ● 1996-Nov-13
While the U.S.S. Voyager orbits above North America with its weapons and long range transporters disabled, Tuvok and Paris are missing in Los Angeles and must enlist the help of young astronome


S3 E10 ● 1996-Nov-20
As The Doctor and Kes treat three injured aliens whose ship was detected adrift in space, one of them--an egomaniacal political extremist named Tieran--dies, but not before he transfers his own mind t

The Q and the Grey

S3 E11 ● 1996-Nov-27
While the Voyager crew witnesses several rare supernova explosions, Q arrives in the Captain's quarters to implore the outraged Janeway to conceive his child. Q pursues the uninterested Janeway


S3 E12 ● 1996-Dec-11
Captain Janeway and Neelix return to Voyager to find it seized by a macrovirus alien -- an unknown gelatinous lifeform which attacks and overwhelms the crew and disables the ship. After Neelix

Fair Trade

S3 E13 ● 1997-Jan-08
When the starship Voyager crew transports to a heavily secured space station located on the edge of the Necrit Expanse to trade for supplies, Neelix meets up with Wixiban, an old Talaxian acqua

Alter Ego

S3 E14 ● 1997-Jan-15
Disturbed by the fact that he's falling in love with Marayna, a holodeck character, Ensign Kim begs Tuvok to teach him how Vulcans suppress their emotions. When Tuvok intervenes, Marayna befriends and


S3 E15 ● 1997-Jan-27
After her shuttlecraft crash lands, a critically injured Captain Janeway is attacked by Vidiians and has a mysterious near death experience during which she encounters her father, Admiral Janeway. The

Blood Fever

S3 E16 ● 1997-Feb-05
During their exploration of a decimated colony, the Voyager Away Team is thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of the Vulcan mating season. The ensuing irrational advances of Vulcan crew me


S3 E17 ● 1997-Feb-12
In response to a distress signal, Commander Chakotay lands his shuttlecraft on a planet's surface but is viciously attacked. He's swiftly rescued by a colony of formerly assimilated Borg and goes to e

The Darkling

S3 E18 ● 1997-Feb-19
To improve his performance as the ship's physician, The Doctor undertakes a personality enhancement project on the Holodeck, incorporating several accomplished historical figures' traits and temperame


S3 E19 ● 1997-Feb-26
When a Nezu planet is bombarded by asteroids and its inhabitants face evacuation, the U.S.S. Voyager intervenes by sending Tuvok and Neelix to join several prominent members of the Nezu on a re

Favorite Son

S3 E20 ● 1997-Mar-19
After Ensign Kim suddenly exhibits abnormal behavior, he instinctively leads the U.S.S. Voyager to a mysterious planet, the Taresian homeworld. There, a shocking story of his birth is told by m

Before and After

S3 E21 ● 1997-Apr-09
When Kes undergoes chroniton particle treatment in a bio-temporal chamber to extend her lifespan, her cells are left in a state of flux causing her to be out of temporal sync. She then travels back an

Real Life

S3 E22 ● 1997-Apr-23
After The Doctor creates a holographic wife and two children for himself in order to enhance his performance as a caring physician, Torres modifies the program to make The Doctor's picture-perfect Hol

Distant Origin

S3 E23 ● 1997-Apr-30
The Voyager crew are unwitting research subjects after scientists of the Voth race, saurian-like aliens who believe they were the first intelligent beings to evolve in the Delta Quadrant, disco


S3 E24 ● 1997-May-07
One by one, Voyager's crew suddenly and mysteriously trades places with mercurial aliens from Nyria III. As Janeway quickly becomes surrounded by these seemingly perplexed strangers who react s

Worst Case Scenario

S3 E25 ● 1997-May-14
Suspicion and animosity run rampant when members of the crew discover a secret holographic novel program called "Insurrection Alpha" depicting Seska and the Maquis leading an insurrection aboard Vo

Scorpion, Part I

S3 E26 ● 1997-May-21
As they approach the heart of dangerous Borg territory, the Voyager crew witnesses the near decimation of a Borg armada by mysterious alien lifeforms the Borg call "Species 8472," which is impe