Star Trek: Voyager Episode Guide

Season 2

The 37's

S2 E1 ● 1995-Aug-28
After atmospheric disturbances force the crew to land Voyager on this mysterious planet, Captain Janeway leads an away team in search of the source of the SOS to be an old Earth aircraft. Upon


S2 E2 ● 1995-Sep-04
When First Officer Chakotay borrows a shuttlecraft to perform the Pakra, a solitary Indian ritual commemorating his father's death, he inadvertently drifts into Kazon-Ogla territory and becomes the ta


S2 E3 ● 1995-Sep-11
The Doctor receives information that Voyager has suffered a massive Kazon attack and that most of the crew has abandoned ship, so he ventures from Sickbay, via remote holo-projection system, to


S2 E4 ● 1995-Sep-18
A swarm of aggressive space-dwelling lifeforms attach themselves to Voyager, creating an electrophoretic field. The occurence increases Kes' metabolic activity and accelerates her reproductive

Non Sequitur

S2 E5 ● 1995-Sep-25
Ensign Harry Kim is confused when he awakens to find himself on Earth - in 24th century San Francisco - working as a design specialist at Starfleet Engineering and engaged to be married to Libby. When


S2 E6 ● 1995-Oct-02
A spatial distortion phenomenon occurs not only in space but inside the ship as well, changing Voyager's structural layout and completely disabling it. As Voyager is compressed and twist


S2 E7 ● 1995-Oct-09
When Kes spends free time with a smitten Tom Paris, Neelix is overcome with jealousy and instigates a messy fight with the Lieutenant. In the aftermath, the Captain sends the sparring pair on a shuttl

Persistence of Vision

S2 E8 ● 1995-Oct-30
As they ready for a first encounter with the Bothan alien species, a strange psionic field causes the Voyager crew to succumb to a delusional state and their most deeply buried thoughts to surf


S2 E9 ● 1995-Nov-06
While Chakotay leads an Away Team to drill for minerals on a moon's surface, they accidently disturb a village and encounter its defensive inhabitants - a group with Indian origins. A regretful Chakot

Cold Fire

S2 E10 ● 1995-Nov-13
The crew is hailed by Ocampa colonists on an alien space station who, at long last, lead them to the female mate of The Caretaker, a mysterious being who may have the ability to send them home. As Tuv


S2 E11 ● 1995-Nov-20
Kazon intruders board the U.S.S. Voyager and steal a transporter control module. That collateral enables their leader, Culluh, to persuade rival sects to join together to conquer the Federation


S2 E12 ● 1995-Nov-27
In search of precious tellerium needed to power the ship, Janeway, Tuvok, Torres and Neelix transport to an Alsaurian city occupied by the hostile Mokra. Tipped off to the Voyager crew's presen


S2 E13 ● 1996-Jan-15
When the crew finds a deactivated humanoid robot with an unfamiliar power source floating in space, Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres is able to repair this mysterious mechanical "man." When it comes to


S2 E14 ● 1996-Jan-22
After Voyager is severly attacked by the Kazon and one of its crewmen killed, Chakotay appeals to Janeway to start thinking more like the Maquis. Janeway knows she must strengthen Voyager's<


S2 E15 ● 1996-Jan-29
Lieutenant Paris makes history by becoming the first person to make a transwarp flight. But, soon after his shuttle returns from Warp Ten, he undergoes startling biochemistry changes. His cell membran


S2 E16 ● 1996-Feb-05
When a crew member is murdered, Tuvok's investigation leads to another crewman, Ensign Suder, who finally admits he is the perpetrator. Vulcan instincts prohibit Tuvok from determining a logical motiv


S2 E17 ● 1996-Feb-12
Voyager spots a Cardassian-designed, self-guided missile carrying a warhead capable of significant destructive force. As it travels towards Rakosan, a heavily populated planet, Torres reports t

Death Wish

S2 E18 ● 1996-Feb-19
A rebel Q escapes imprisonment from inside a comet and requests asylum aboard Voyager. Just as quickly, the well-known Q arrives to force the escaped Q back to the Continuum, the extradimension


S2 E19 ● 1996-Feb-26
Voyager detects a distress call from a weakened lifeform aboard a small spacecraft and quickly beams a deathly ill Vidiian female to Sickbay. The Doctor starts treating her for advanced stages


S2 E20 ● 1996-Mar-13
Neelix, a suddenly self-proclaimed journalist, hears a rumor that a fellow crew member has expressed displeasure with Starfleet and requested to leave. Soon, Tom Paris is relieved of duty to become a


S2 E21 ● 1996-Mar-18
Astounding consequences occur when Voyager, while attempting to evade pursuing Vidiian vessels, enters a plasma cloud. Before they can clear it, the engines stall, anti-matter supplies drain an


S2 E22 ● 1996-Apr-08
Tuvok and Bennet's shuttle crash lands on a sacred haven for the Drayan, an alien race which has shunned outside contact for decades. While Bennet lies dying from his injuries, three frightened Drayan

The Thaw

S2 E23 ● 1996-Apr-29
Voyager activates an automated message from members of the Kohl settlement who, years earlier, survived an environmental catastrophe by submitting themselves into artificial hibernation. When the crew


S2 E24 ● 1996-May-06
A bizarre occurrence causes Neelix and Tuvok, who are attempting to transport back to Voyager from an away mission, to arrive aboard ship as one. The crew is astonished when a strange but oddly


S2 E25 ● 1996-May-13
When Janeway and Chakotay contact a deadly virus from an insect bite, the Doctor cannot find a cure. Unable to perform her duties, Janeway is forced to turn over permanent command of the ship to Tuvok

Basics, Part I

S2 E26 ● 1996-May-20
In an emergency message to Chakotay, Seska discloses that their newborn son has been banished by Culluh to a servant colony. Chakotay feels conflicted about rescuing the baby because he was manipulate