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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video Metadata Editor and the WHS Bug

Microsoft has updated their entry on an unresolved data-loss bug that occurs on Windows Home Server. We Got Served also has an post on the bug.

Please be aware that using the Video Metadata Editor feature in TiVo Publisher's WHS console tab can trigger this bug. Note that your video file will not be corrupted, only the metadata XML file!

When this happens, the XML file will become corrupted and you will also see an error message in the log that there was an error parsing the XML file. The symptom of this bug when browsing on the TiVo is the video's title will display as filename.xml and the details will be blank.

Once the file is corrupted, you can use Explorer and right-click on it and use Previous Versions to restore an older copy if one is available, or you can re-enter the data.

I have have personally ran into this bug twice using the metadata editor, but have had no reports of the bug from other users. I have also had photos corrupted by Vista's Photo Gallery. Microsoft is working on the fix and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.