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Monday, December 10, 2007

Adding Port Exceptions to Windows Firewall

When setting up the TiVo Publisher add-in you need to open two ports in the firewall. These ports need to be open on the Server, not the clients.

To add a port to Windows Firewall, log into the Server using Remote Admin.

  • Start > Run > mstsc.exe
  • Connect to “server” (or whatever your server is named)
  • Use the username “Administrator” and the WHS admin password
  • In the Server Remote Desktop:
    • Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall
    • Click the Exceptions tab
    • Click Add Port
    • Add the two port exceptions:
      • Name: TiVo Publisher, Port: 6103, TCP
      • Name: TiVo Beacon, Port: 2190, UDP
    • Close the Windows Firewall
    • Click Start > Log Off to close the Remote Desktop (do not shut down!)

Note: If your network router has a built-in firewall, you may also need to open the ports in your router's setup utility.