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Friday, July 13, 2007

TiVo Publisher for WHS

TivoPublisherForWHS ScreenshotThe TiVo Publisher Add-In for Windows Home Server (TiVo/WHS) is an implementation of the TiVo HMO "Calypso" protocol for Windows Home Server. The add-in installs as a service, which makes your WHS music, photos, and videos shares browsable from any TiVo that supports home networking.

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or suggestions or run into any problems.

Note: Version 1.31 is now available for download.


  • Download the installer here (updated 7/14/2007).
  • Copy the MSI file to your \\SERVER\Software\Add-Ins folder.
  • Use the Add-Ins tab in the Console Settings to install it.
  • When prompted for credentials, enter server\Administrator for the user and your Server password for the password. Note: If your server machine is not named "server", then substitute your WHS box machine name in "server\Administator". If you recieve a message that users cannot be mapped, then double check the username. It may be case sensitive.
  • After the Console closes, restart the Console and open Settings.
  • Go to the TiVo Publisher for WHS tab and verify your settings (see the next section).
  • Click the "Start Service" link
  • Close Settings and go to the TiVo Publisher for WHS tab.
  • Select Clients and click Refresh. The list should populate with the TiVos and any TiVo Desktop PCs on your network.

  • Port - this is the port that TiVo/WHS uses to communicate with the TiVos
  • Cache Photo Thumbnails - this option saves a thumbnail version of the photo for quicker retrieval and browsing. I recommend creating a share something similar to "\\server\cache\photos" and allowing it to save there.
  • Use XML files for metadata - this option creates xml files that can be used to set the metadata when you view or play a video on the TiVo. You can use these files to set the Title, Episode Name, Description, etc. I have my metata folder set to "\\server\cache\metadata". If you leave the folder blank, the XML files will be created in the same folder as the video. I plan on adding the ability to edit the metadata from the Console in a future revision.

    Known issues to be fixed:
  • You will need to manually open UDP port 2190 using the Windows Firewall control panel, in addition to the port that TiVo/WHS uses, which is 6103 (TCP) by default. (See here for instructions.)
  • The service may bind to the wrong address if you have multiple network cards.
  • Some video formats may not play back properly, or the aspect ratio may be messed up in this version.
  • I do not have a Series 3 yet, so I do not know how the HMO options work on the HD box.
  • If TiVo Desktop is installed, you should stop the TiVo Beacon service or TiVo/WHS may not be able to send/receive beacons.
  • If you change any of the settings in the Service Settings section, you will need to Apply and then stop and restart the service for them to take effect.
  • There appears to be a bug with the now playing list not refreshing properly when browsing videos. Usually moving into another PC or the deleted items folder and then back out will fix it.
  • All of the TiVo commands and parameters in the HMO specification should be implemented, but if you run into any problems, contact me.
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