Episode Frequency

RankEp. #Episode Name# of Airings
20204Das Boob6
30208Homo For The Holidays5
40307Gypsies, Tramps and Weed5
50502Bacon and Eggs5
60116Yours, Mine or Ours4
70118Grace, Replaced4
80122Object of My Rejection4
90201Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner4
100214Acting Out4
110306Love Plus One4
120411Jingle Balls4
130415A Chorus Lie4
140701FYI: I Hurt, Too4
150702Back Up, Dancer4
160715Dance Cards and Greeting Cards4
170716The Birds and the Bees4
180103Head Case3
190104Between a Rock and Harlin's Place3
200106William, Tell3
210107Where There's a Will, There's No Way3
220108The Buying Game3
230109The Big Vent3
240110The Truth About Will and Dogs3
250111Will on Ice3
260112My Fair Maid-y3
270113The Unsinkable Mommy Adler3
280114Big Brother is Coming (Part 1)3
290115Big Brother is Coming (Part 2)3
300117Secrets and Lays3
310120Saving Grace3
320121Alley Cats3
330205Whose Mom Is It, Anyway?3
340207To Serve and Disinfect3
350210Tea and a Total Lack of Sympathy3
360211Seeds of Discontent3
370212He's Come Undone3
380213Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me In The Closet and I'm So Sad3
390216Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back3
400219An Affair To Forget3
410220Girls, Interrupted3
420222My Best Friend's Tush3
430301New Will City3
440302Fear and Clothing3
450303Husbands and Trophy Wives3
460305Grace 0, Jack 20003
470309Three's a Crowd, Six Is a Freak Show3
480310Coffee & Commitment3
490311Swimming Pools... Movie Stars3
500314My Uncle the Car3
520401The Third Wheel Gets the Grace3
530403Crouching Father, Hidden Husband3
540404Prison Blues3
550405Loose Lips Sink Relationships3
560406Rules of Engagement3
570407Bed, Bath and Beyond3
580408Star-Spangled Banter3
590412Whoa, Nelly3
600425A.I.: Artificial Insemination3
610501...And the Horse He Rode In On3
620505It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown3
630506Boardroom and a Parked Place3
640507The Needle and the Omelet's Done3
650508Marry Me A Little3
660509Marry Me a Little More3
670511All About Christmas Eve3
680512Field of Queens3
700516Women and Children First3
710522May Divorce Be With You3
730602Last Ex to Brooklyn3
740607Nice In White Satin3
750609Strangers with Candice3
760617East Side Story3
770623I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't3
780703One Gay at a Time3
790707Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine3
800710Queens for a Day3
810711Christmas Break3
820712Board Games3
840714Bully Woolley3
850717The Fabulous Baker Boy3
860718Sour Balls3
870719The Blonde Leading the Blind3
880720It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World3
890722Friends with Benefits3
900723Kiss and Tell3
910902Who's Your Daddy3
920903Emergency Contact3
930904Grandpa Jack3
940905How To Succeed in Business Without Really Crying3
950906Rosario's Quinceañera3
960908Friends and Lover3
970102A New Lease on Life2
980105Boo! Humbug2
990119Will Works Out2
1010203I Never Promised You An Olive Garden2
1020206Polk Defeats Truman2
1030209Terms of Employment2
1040215Advise and Resent2
1050217The Hospital Show2
1060218Sweet (and Sour) Charity2
1070221There But for the Grace of Grace2
1080223Ben? Her?2
1090308Lows in the Mid-Eighties2
1100312Crazy in Love2
1110313Brothers, a Love Story2
1120316Mad Dogs and Average Men2
1130317Poker? I Don't Even Like Her2
1140318An Old-Fashioned Piano Party2
1150319The Young and the Tactless2
1160320Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore2
1170321Last of the Really Odd Lovers2
1180322Sons and Lovers2
1190402Past and Presents2
1200409Moveable Feast2
1210410Stakin' Care of Business2
1220413Grace in the Hole2
1230414Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard2
1240416Someone Old, Someplace New2
1250417Something Borrowed, Someone's Due2
1260418Cheatin' Trouble Blues2
1270419Went to a Garden Potty2
1280420He Shoots, They Snore2
1290421Wedding Balls2
1300422Fagel Attraction2
1310423Hocus Focus2
1320424A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'2
1330503The Kid Stays Out of the Picture2
1340504Humongous Growth2
1350510The Honeymoon's Over2
1360513Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward2
1370514Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones2
1380517Fagmalion Part Three: Bye Bye Beardy2
1390518Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me2
1400519Sex, Losers and Videotape2
1410520Leo Unwrapped2
1420521Dolls and Dolls2
1440601Dames at Sea2
1450604Me and Mr. Jones2
1460605A-Story, Bee-Story2
1470606Heart Like a Wheelchair2
1490611The Accidental Tsuris2
1500612A Gay/December Romance2
1510614Looking for Mr. Good Enough2
1520615Flip-Flop: Part One2
1530616Flip-Flop: Part Two2
1540618Courting Disaster2
1550619No Sex 'n' the City2
1560620Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken2
1570621I Never Cheered for my Father2
1600705Key Party2
1610706The Newlydreads2
1620708Saving Grace, Again (Part 1)2
1630709Saving Grace, Again (Part 2)2
1640721From Queer to Eternity2
1650802I Second That Emotion2
1660803The Old Man and the Sea2
1670804Steams Like Old Times2
1680806Love is in the Airplane2
1690810Von Trapped2
1700818Buy Buy Baby2
1710823The Finale2
172090111 Years Later2
1730907A Gay Olde Christmas2
1740909There's Something About Larry2
1750910The Wedding2
1760911Staten Island Fairy2
1770000Will & Grace: Say Goodnight Gracie1
1780000The Clip Show1
1790000The Paley Center Salutes the Best of Will & Grace1
1800000The Guest Star Clip Show1
1810304Girl Trouble1
1820603Home Court Disadvantage1
1830608Swimming from Cambodia1
1840613Ice Cream Balls1
1850801Alive and Schticking1
1860805The Hole Truth1
1870807Birds of a Feather Boa1
1880808Swish Out of Water1
1890809A Little Christmas Queer1
1900811Bathroom Humor1
1910812Forbidden Fruit1
1920813Cop To It1
1930814I Love L. Gay1
1940815The Definition of Marriage1
1950816Grace Expectations1
1960817Cowboys and Iranians1
1970819Blanket Apology1
1980820The Mourning Son1
1990821Partners 'n Crime1
2000822Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?1
2010912Three Wise Men1
2020913Sweatshop Annie & The Annoying Baby Shower1
2030914The Beefcake & The Cake Beef1
2040915One Job1