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"Encounter At Farpoint"

Episode Number1 On trial for the crimes of humanity
 On trial for the crimes of humanity
Production Number001 
Stardate41153.7  (Calendar Year 2364) 
Original Airdate9/28/1987 
TeleplayGene Roddenberry & D.C. Fontana 
DirectorCorey Allen 
The U.S.S. Enterprise heads to Deneb IV to investigate the Farpoint Station mystery, but is intercepted by Q, who places them on trial for the crimes of humanity.
Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard)
Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. William Riker)
LeVar Burton (Lt. [j.g.] Geordi La Forge)
Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar)
Michael Dorn (Lieutenant [j.g.] Worf)
Gates McFadden (Dr. [Cmdr.] Beverly Crusher)
Marina Sirtis (Counselor [Lt. Cmdr.] Deanna Troi)
Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data)
Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher)
Guest Cast
John De Lancie ("Q")
Michael Bell (Groppler Zorn)
Colm Meaney (Battle Bridge Conn [Miles O'Brien])
Cary-Hiroyuki (Mandarin Bailiff)
Timothy Dang (Main Bridge Security)
David Erskine (Bandi Shopkeeper)
Evelyn Guerrero (Young Female Ensign)
Chuck Hicks (Military Officer)
Jimmy Ortega (Lt. Torres)
DeForest Kelley (Starfleet Admiral [Leonard McCoy])
Two-hour series pilot. Separated into Part I and Part II for rerun.
The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is the 5th starship to bear the name "Enterprise."
Cmdr. Riker, Lt. La Forge, Dr. Crusher, and Wesley await the Enterprise at Farpoint Station. Riker is transferred to Farpoint Station by the U.S.S. Hood NCC-42296.
Deanna calls Will "imzadi", which is Betazoid for "beloved" and uses telepathy to send thoughts to him (which is the only time she does this with anyone who is not a Betazoid).
Colm Meaney plays the unnamed Battle Bridge conn officer. He becomes a recurring character and is later named O'Brien.
When the saucer separates from the star drive section, Lt. Worf takes command of the saucer module. During re-joining, Picard orders Riker to perform a manual docking of the saucer module.
Admiral McCoy is 137 years old. He is actually not named as Dr. McCoy to keep the cameo a secret until the episode premiered.
In this pilot episode, the Conn and Ops stations on the bridge are reversed.
Troi is referred to by her rank ("[Lieutanant] Commander") and not "Counselor" in this episode. (Riker does mess up once and call her "Lieutenant." Lieutenant commanders are usually referred to as "Commander").


"Encounter At Farpoint, Part II"

Episode Number2 ''Great joy and gratitude''
 ''Great joy and gratitude''
Production Number002 
Original Airdate9/28/1987 
TeleplayGene Roddenberry & D.C. Fontana 
DirectorCorey Allen 
A large ship arrives at the Deneb IV and begins firing on the city. The Farpoint Station is found to be a large, captured space creature capable of taking on any form. The Enterprise releases it as its mate arrives.
Guest Cast
John De Lancie ("Q")
Michael Bell (Groppler Zorn)
Part 2 of the original two-hour series pilot. A couple of scenes were changed or deleted when the episode was split.


"The Naked Now"

Episode Number3 Tasha Yar and Data become intimate
 Tasha Yar and Data become intimate
Production Number003 
Original Airdate10/5/1987 
TeleplayJohn D.F. Black and J. Michael Bingham 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
While investigating a distress signal from the U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky, the crew is affected by the same "intoxicating" contaminant as the old Enterprise, the PSI 2000 Virus.
Guest Cast
Brooke Bundy (Lt. Cmdr. Sarah MacDougal, Chief Engineer)
Benjamin Lum (Jim Shimoda, Asst. Chief Engineer)
Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)
Data and Tasha become "intimate" during this episode.
Chief Engineer MacDougal appears only in this episode...probably relieved of duty because she let Wesley The Boy take control of Engineering :-)
This episode was supposed to be a homage to the original series episode "The Naked Time" (also written by John Black), but most people viewed it as a rip-off of the original series.
The U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky NCC-35911 (an Oberth-class starship) is named for Soviet cosmonaut Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. It is a re-use of the U.S.S. Grissom model from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
Troi changes from the mini-skirt uniform to a tight one-piece suit with her hair up in a bun. She won't be seen in a Starfleet uniform until Season 6's "Chain of Command".


"Code of Honor"

Episode Number4 Yar and Yareena battle to the death
 Yar and Yareena battle to the death
Production Number004 
Original Airdate10/12/1987 
TeleplayKatharyn Powers and Michael Baron 
DirectorRuss Mayberry 
A plague on Styris IV sends the Enterprise to Ligon II, the only known source of a vaccine. Yar is kidnapped by alien leader Lutan and is challenged to fight to the death by his mate, Yareena.
Guest Cast
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Lutan)
Karole Selmon (Yareena)
James Louis Watkins (Hagon)
Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)
Worf does not appear in this episode.
This is the first episode where we see the Holodeck's yellow grid lines.
The producers and writers have since expressed embarassment over this episode's portrayal of African-Americans.


"The Last Outpost"

Episode Number5 The Ferengi
 The Ferengi
Production Number005 
Original Airdate10/19/1987 
StoryRichard Krzemein 
TeleplayHerbert Wright 
DirectorRichard Colla 
A Ferengi vessel and the Enterprise are caught in an energy-draining force field. Meanwhile, the away teams of the Enterprise and Ferengi starship must pass an important inquisition by a mysterious life form known as Portal, before they are allowed to continue their journeys through space.
Guest Cast
Armin Shimerman (DaiMon Letek)
Jake Dengel (Mordoc)
Tracey Walter (Kayron)
Darryl Henriques (The Portal)
Mike Gomez (DaiMon Tarr)
This the first appearance of the Ferengi, who were previously mentioned in "Encounter at Farpoint". The Enterprise is ordered to intercept the Ferengi vessel to retake a T-9 power converter they stole from Federation colony Gamma Tauri IV.
The Ferengi were supposed to be the Federation's new alien threat, but were a disapointment as a major adversary. This is the only time we see the Ferengi use the laser whips. (We see later on DS9, that Quark's "Marauder Mo" action figure includes a laser whip.)
Armin Shimerman later plays Quark on Deep Space Nine.


"Where No One Has Gone Before"

Episode Number6 Wesley Crusher and The Traveler
 Wesley Crusher and The Traveler
Production Number006 
Original Airdate10/26/1987 
TeleplayDiane Duane and Michael Reeves 
DirectorRob Bowman 
Starfleet engineer Lt. Kosinski and his alien assistant throw the Enterprise 2,700,000 light years to a bizarre galaxy where thoughts become reality.
Guest Cast
Eric Menyuk (The Traveler)
Stanley Kamel (Lt. j.g. Stanley Kosinski)
Biff Yeager (Lt. Commander Argyle, Chief Engineer)
Herta Ware (Maman Picard)
Wesley is given a field promotion to Acting Ensign.
Lt. Cmdr. Argyle is the first season's longest-running chief engineer.
This episode was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Sound Mixing in a Drama Series.
The Traveler reappears in the 4th season's "Remember Me".
Eric Menyuk was the runner up for the role of Data.


"Lonely Among Us"

Episode Number7 Crusher and Riker are concerned for Picard
 Crusher and Riker are concerned for Picard
Production Number007 
Original Airdate11/2/1987 
StoryMichael Halperin 
TeleplayD.C. Fontana 
DirectorCliff Bole 
An energy cloud-being affects the Enterprise and causes Captain Picard to leave the Enterprise.
Guest Cast
Marc Alaimo (Antican Delegate)
John Durbin (Sestar)
Colm Meaney (Security Officer [Miles O'Brien])
Kavi Raz (Lt. Commander Singh)
Colm Meaney's unnamed character (later named O'Brien) switches to the yellow uniform in this episode from the red uniform seen in "Encounter at Farpoint".
Engineer Lt. Commander Singh is the first crew member who is killed on The Next Generation.
This episode marks the beginning of Data's fascination with Sherlock Holmes.



Episode Number8 Wesley is held by the Edo
 Wesley is held by the Edo
Production Number008 
Original Airdate11/9/1987 
TeleplayJohn D.F. Black & Worley Thorne 
DirectorJames L. Conway 
Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for a minor infraction on a recreation planet in the Rubicun system. Picard must negotiate with the Edo for Wesley's life without violating the Federation's Prime Directive, which prohibits interfering with another civilization's way of life.
Guest Cast
Brenda Bakke (Rivan)
Jay Louden (Liator)
Josh Clark (Conn)
David Q. Combs (1st Mediator)
Richard Lavin (2nd Mediator)
Judith Jones (Edo Girl)
Eric Matthew (1st Edo Boy)
Brad Zerbst (Medical Technician)
David Michael Graves (2nd Edo Boy)
Josh Clark later played the recurring role of Lt. Carey on Star Trek: Voyager.
The Prime Directive would later be interpreted to prevent making contact with species that are not warp capable, such as the Edo.


"The Battle"

Episode Number9 The Enterprise tows the Stargazer
 The Enterprise tows the Stargazer
Production Number009 
Original Airdate11/16/1987 
TeleplayJohn D.F. Black & Worley Thorne 
DirectorJames L. Conway 
Ferengi Daimon Bok attempts revenge for an old battle on Picard with a mind-altering machine. While in command of the U.S.S. Stargazer, Captain Picard destroyed a Ferengi vessel commanded by Bok's son.
Guest Cast
Frank Corsentino (Daimon Bok)
Doug Warhit (First Officer Kazago)
Robert Towers (Second Officer Rata)
Daimon Bok returns to try again in the 7th season episode "Bloodlines".
The Constellation-class U.S.S. Stargazer NCC-2893 was thought to have been destroyed at Maxia Zeta 9 years previously, but it was salvaged by the Ferengi. Captain Picard was courtmartialed for losing the ship, but he was absolved of all charges.
Troi senses deception and danger from the Ferengi. It will later be established that Betazoids can not read Ferengi minds.


"Hide And Q"

Episode Number10 Q (dressed as Data) gives Riker the power
 Q (dressed as Data) gives Riker the power
Production Number010 
Original Airdate11/23/1987 
TeleplayC.J. Holland (Maurice Hurley) & Gene Roddenberry 
DirectorCliff Bole 
Commander Riker is given the power of Q. Can he resist using it?
Guest Cast
John De Lancie ("Q")
William A. Wallace (adult Wesley Crusher)
Troi does not appear in this episode.



Episode Number11 Deanna and Lwaxana Troi
 Deanna and Lwaxana Troi
Production Number011 
Original Airdate11/30/1987 
TeleplayTracy Tormé and Lan O'Kun 
DirectorRichard Compton 
Counselor Troi faces a pre-arranged marriage to Wyatt Miller on planet Haven as a Tarellian ship carrying a deadly plague arrives.
Guest Cast
Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi)
Rob Knepper (Wyatt Miller)
Nan Martin (Victoria Miller)
Robert Ellenstein (Steven Miller)
Danitza Kingsley (Ariana)
Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn)
Anna Katarina (Valeda Innis)
Raye Birk (Wrenn)
Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)
Worf and Wesley do not appear in this episode.
Deanna's mother, Lwaxana Troi, makes her first appearance.
Tracy Tormé is the son of Mel Tormé.
This is the only episode in which Deanna calls Riker "Bill" instead of "Will."
This episode was nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.


"The Big Goodbye"

Episode Number12 Captain Picard as 'Dixon Hill'
 Captain Picard as 'Dixon Hill'
Production Number012 
Original Airdate1/11/1988 
TeleplayTracy Tormé 
DirectorJoseph L. Scanlan 
The Captain, Data, and Dr. Crusher are trapped in the holodeck in a 1941 San Francisco Dixon Hill program due to a computer malfunction.
Guest Cast
William Boyett (Lt. Dan Bell)
Lawrence Tierney (Cyrus Redblock)
Harvey Jason (Felix Leech)
Rhonda Aldrich (Madeline)
David Selburg (Lit-Historian Whalen)
Gary Armagnac (Lt. McNary)
Mike Genovese (Desk Sergeant)
Carolyn Allport (Jessica Bradley)
Troi does not appear in this episode.
This episode marks the birth of the "holodeck gone awry" plot mechanism.
The Dixon Hill set was actually built and contained within the Holodeck set.



Episode Number13 Data and his 'brother' Lore
 Data and his 'brother' Lore
Production Number013 
Original Airdate1/16/1988 
TeleplayRobert Lewin & Maurice Hurley 
DirectorRob Bowman 
Data's evil twin brother, Lore, is found on Data's home planet of Omicron Theta. Lore attempts to deliver the Enterprise crew to the Crystalline Entity, which killed all life on their planet.
Guest Cast
Brent Spiner (Lore)
Biff Yeager (Lt. Commander Argyle)
Troi does not appear in this episode.
Data tells Dr. Crusher that he has an off switch, but he swears her to keep it secret.
Lore and Data were created by Dr. Noonien Soong using Asimov's theoretical positronic brain. Lore is more "human" than Data. The colonists were uncomfortable around him and asked that he be replaced.
Lore can also use contractions, whereas Data can not. After Lore is beamed into space and Picard asks Data if he is all right, he clearly responds, "Yes, sir, I'm fine."
Lore makes a return appearance in the fourth season in "Brothers" and in the sixth season in "Descent", while the Crystalline Entity strikes again in "Silicon Avatar" in the fifth season.
Lore was originally written as a female android, but at Brent Spiner's suggestion they made Lore an "evil twin."


"Angel One"

Episode Number14 Riker initiates first contact with Mistress Beata
 Riker initiates first contact with Mistress Beata
Production Number014 
Original Airdate1/23/1988 
TeleplayPatrick Barry 
DirectorMichael Rhodes 
The crew tries to rescue members of a damaged Federation freighter from the female-dominated planet Angel I they escaped to 7 years ago, but they wish to remain -- even though they are fugitives from the planet's government. Meanwhile, a viral outbreak runs rampant through the Enterprise.
Guest Cast
Karen Montgomery (Mistress Beata)
Sam Hennings (Ramsey)
Patricia McPherson (Ariel)
Leonard John Crofoot (Trent)
Troi notes that Betazed is also a matriarchal society.
On Angel I, the men are smaller and weaker than the females.
Picard notes that there is a build up of Romulan activity along the Neutral Zone, which the Enterprise leaves to investigate at the end of this episode.



Episode Number15 Riker and Picard meet Minuet on the holodeck
 Riker and Picard meet Minuet on the holodeck
Production Number015 
Original Airdate2/1/1988 
TeleplayMaurice Hurley and Robert Lewin 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
While docked at Starbase 74 for minor repairs and computer upgrades, the Bynars hijack the evacuated Enterprise to save their own computer-based planet, Bynas. Picard and Riker are trapped in the holodeck with a sophisticated hologram, Minuet.
Guest Cast
Carolyn McCormick (Minuet)
Gene Dynarski (Cmdr. Orfil Quinteros)
Katy Boyer (Zero-One)
Alexandra Johnson (One-Zero)
Iva Lane (Zero-Zero)
Kelli Ann McNally (One-One)
Jack Sheldon (Piano Player)
Abdul Salaam El Razzac (Bass Player)
Ron Brown (Drummer)
Troi does not appear in this episode (the fourth time this season).
Starbase 74 orbits planet Tarsas III.
11001001 (hex C9) is the Z-80 CPU's machine language opcode for "Unconditional Return."
The Bynars upgrade the holodeck systems to produce more realistic holograms.
In the holodeck-generated jazz band scenes, Jonathan Frakes put his real trombone skills to use, playing "The Nearness of You" for Minuet.
Commander Quinteros was in charge of the Enterprise-D construction at Utopia Planitia.
Minuet is seen again in the 4th season episode "Future Imperfect".


"Too Short a Season"

Episode Number16 Admiral Jameson collapses
 Admiral Jameson collapses
Production Number016 
Original Airdate2/8/1988 
TeleplayMichael Michaelian and D.C. Fontana 
DirectorRob Bowman 
Terminally-ill Admiral Mark Jameson takes a youth drug to fight terrorists who have taken hostages on Mordan IV.
Guest Cast
Clayton Rohner (Admiral Mark Jameson)
Marsha Hunt (Anne Jameson)
Michael Pataki (Karnas)
Wesley Crusher does not appear in this episode.


"When The Bough Breaks"

Episode Number17 Wesley tells the children not to cooperate
 Wesley tells the children not to cooperate
Production Number017 
Original Airdate2/15/1988 
TeleplayHannah Louise Shearer 
DirectorKim Manners 
The sterile inhabitants of cloaked planet Aldea kidnap Enterprise children, including Wesley Crusher, to repopulate their culture.
Guest Cast
Jerry Hardin (Radue)
Brenda Strong (Rashella)
Jandi Swanson (Katie)
Paul Lambert (Melian)
Ivy Bethune (Duana)
Dierk Torsek (Lt. Bernard)
Michele Marsh (Leda)
Dan Mason (Accolan)
Philip N. Waller (Harry Bernard)
Connie Danese (Toya)
Jessica and Vanessa Bova (Alexandra)
The Aldeans are sterile because of exposure to high radiation levels due to their damaged ozone layer, which is caused by their planet's cloaking technology. Dr. Crusher treats the Aldeans and they deactivate their computer.


"Home Soil"

Episode Number18 The inorganic lifeform multiplies
 The inorganic lifeform multiplies
Production Number018 
Original Airdate2/22/1988 
TeleplayKarl Guers, Ralph Sanchez & Robert Sabaroff 
DirectorCorey Allen 
On Velera III, a lifeless planet being terraformed by the Federation, an inorganic life form is found and is endangering the Enterprise crew.
Guest Cast
Walter Gotell (Director Kurt Mandl)
Louisa Kim (Elizabeth Lindsey)
Gerard Prendergrast (Bjorn Benson)
Mario Roccuzzo (Arthur Malencon)
Carolyne Barry (Female Engineer)


"Coming of Age"

Episode Number19 Admiral Quinn and Remmick board the Enterprise
 Admiral Quinn and Remmick board the Enterprise
Production Number019 
Original Airdate3/12/1988 
TeleplaySandy Fries 
DirectorMichael Vejar 
While Wesley competes for a Starfleet Academy opening on Relva VII, Captain Picard is investigated by Starfleet Admiral Quinn and Lt. Cmdr. Remmick from the Office of the Inspector General.
Guest Cast
Robert Schenkkan (Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick)
Ward Costello (Admiral Gregory Quinn)
John Putch (Mordock)
Robert Ito (Lt. Chang)
Stephen Gregory (Jake Kurland)
Tasia Valenza (T'Shanik)
Estee Chandler (Oliana Mirren)
Brendan McKane (Technician #1)
Wyatt Knight (Technician #2)
Daniel Riordan (Rondon)
There is only one available opening to the Academy from the testing facility on Relva VII. Mordock receives the highest score; Wesley comes in second. Captain Picard admits to Wesley that he was not accepted the first time he applied.
Mordock becomes the first Benzite admitted into Starfleet Academy.
Remmick tells Picard he wants to serve on the Enterprise when his current duty assignment ends. Picard thinks not.
Lt. Cmdr. Remmick and Admiral Quinn return in the episode "Conspiracy".
Admiral Quinn offers Picard a promotion to Admiral and a posting as the Commandant of Starfleet Academy. (Picard declines.)


"Heart of Glory"

Episode Number20 The Klingon Death Ritual
 The Klingon Death Ritual
Production Number020 
Original Airdate3/21/1988 
TeleplayMaurice Hurley, Herbert Wright & D.C. Fontana 
DirectorRob Bowman 
Starfleet sends the Enterprise to investigate reports of a battle in the Neutral Zone. After the crew rescues two Klingon fugitives on a stranded Talarian vessel, their plot to take over the Enterprise puts Worf's loyalties to the test.
Guest Cast
Vaughn Armstrong (Captain Korris)
Charles H. Hyman (Lieutenant Konmel)
David Froman (Captain K'Nera)
Robert Bauer (Kunivas)
Brad Zerbst (Nurse)
Dennis Madalone (Ramos)
This is the Next Generation's first "Klingon Episode."
Troi and Wesley do not appear in this episode. (This is the 5th time this season for Troi.)
The Enterprise investigates the aftermath of a battle in the Neutral Zone. The debris is possibly Romulan, "a name we haven't heard for a while" according to Picard. In Episode #15 "Angel One", the Enterprise headed to the Neutral Zone to defend an outpost against seven Romulan warbirds.
(The debris is actually Klingon -- the fugitives destroyed a ship sent to intercept them.)
Geordi rigs his VISOR to transmit visuals to the Enterprise.


"The Arsenal of Freedom"

Episode Number21 Picard tends to an injured Dr. Crusher
 Picard tends to an injured Dr. Crusher
Production Number021 
Original Airdate4/11/1988 
TeleplayMaurice Hurley and Robert Lewin 
DirectorLes Landau 
While investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Drake, the Enterprise and crew fight a sequence of machines on Minos, a computerized weapons planet.
Guest Cast
Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data)
Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar)
LeVar Burton (Lt. Geordi La Forge)
Marco Rodriguez (Capt. Paul Rice)
Vincent Schiavelli (The Salesman)
Vyto Ruginis (Chief Engineer Lt. Logan)
Julia Nickson (Ensign Lian T'Su)
George De La Peña (Lt. [j.g.] Orfil Solis)
Commander Riker was offered command of the U.S.S. Drake NCC-20381, but turned it down to serve as first officer on the Enterprise.
La Forge is in command of the Enterprise while Riker and Picard are on the planet. When the ship falls under attack from orbit, Geordi separates the ship, with Lt. Logan commanding the saucer and Geordi commanding the battle bridge.
Lt. Logan is now Chief Engineer, replacing Lt. Cmdr. Argyle. Logan complains that Geordi won't leave orbit. When he does, he complains that they're leaving the away team behind. (You just can't please some people...)
When Picard deactivated the program (to buy it), the machine chasing Yar and Riker disappeared, but the one in orbit did not.



Episode Number22 Dr. Crusher discovers the Ornarans are addicts
 Dr. Crusher discovers the Ornarans are addicts
Production Number022 
Original Airdate4/18/1988 
TeleplayRobert Lewin, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler 
DirectorWin Phelps 
The Enterprise is caught in the middle when two alien worlds wage a bitter battle over a shipment of felicium, a narcotic drug grown only on Brekka, which is a "cure" for the "plague" on Ornara.
Guest Cast
Merritt Buttrick (T'Jon)
Richard Lineback (Romas)
Judson Scott (Sobi)
Kimberly Farr (Langor)
Merritt Buttrick and Judson Scott both appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Merritt Buttrick died soon after appearing in this episode. (Judson Scott was not given credit for his role in Star Trek II because he demanded billing with the main stars or none at all. He got none at all.)
That "Just Say No" dialog between Tasha and Wesley... Ugh....
This was the last episode that Denise Crosby shot. At the end of the episode when Dr. Crusher and Capt. Picard exit the cargo bay, you can see Lt. Yar waving goodbye in the background. This episode was filmed after "Skin of Evil" (Episode 23), but originally aired before.


"Skin of Evil"

Episode Number23 The Away Team encounters Armus, who kills Yar
 The Away Team encounters Armus, who kills Yar
Production Number023 
Original Airdate4/25/1988 
TeleplayJoseph Stefano and Hannah Louise Shearer 
DirectorJoseph L. Scanlan 
When Troi's shuttle crashes on the planet Vagra II, a sadistic alien named Armus with great power blocks her rescue, kills Lt. Yar and threatens to kill Riker and Troi.
Guest Cast
Mart McChesney (Armus)
Ron Gans (Voice of Armus)
Raymond Forchion (Lt. Ben Prieto)
Walker Boone (Lt. Cmdr. Leland T. Lynch)
Brad Zerbst (Nurse)
Lt. Worf is made acting Chief of Security.
Denise Crosby left the series because she was unhappy with her character and she wanted to pursue a movie career. She will return as Romulan Commander Sela and guest stars as Lt. Yar in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "All Good Things..."
This episode was produced before "Symbiosis" but was aired after "Symbiosis" so the production numbers are out of order.


"We'll Always Have Paris"

Episode Number24 Picard and Jenice have a final goodbye
 Picard and Jenice have a final goodbye
Production Number024 
Original Airdate5/2/1988 
TeleplayDeborah Dean Davis & Hannah Louise Shearer 
DirectorRobert Becker 
The Enterprise receives a distress call from science outpost Vandor IV. While Data works to repair the time rift caused by Dr. Manheim's experiment, Picard is reunited with his old flame, Jenice -- the woman he left behind in Paris when he joined Starfleet 22 years ago.
Guest Cast
Michelle Phillips (Jenice Manheim)
Rod Loomis (Dr. Paul Manheim)
Isabel Lorca (Gabrielle)
Dan Kern (Lt. Dean)
Jean-Paul Vignon (Edourd)
Kelly Ashmore (Francine)
Lance Spellerberg (Transporter Chief Ensign Herbert)
Michelle Phillips was a member of the 60's music group the Mamas and the Papas.
Even though Tasha Yar died in the previous episode, "Skin of Evil", Denise Crosby's name is listed in the credits for the remainder of the season.



Episode Number25 Riker and Picard find Remmick, the alien mother
 Riker and Picard find Remmick, the alien mother
Production Number025 
Original Airdate5/9/1988 
StoryRobert Sabaroff 
TeleplayTracy Tormé 
DirectorCliff Bole 
Parasitic beings are taking control of Starfleet leaders in order to take over the Federation.
Guest Cast
Robert Schenkkan (Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick)
Ward Costello (Admiral Gregory Quinn)
Henry Darrow (Admiral Savar)
Jonathan Farwell (Capt. Walker Keel)
Ray Reinhardt (Admiral Aaron)
Michael Berryman (Captain Rixx)
Ursaline Bryant (Capt. Tryla Scott)
Admiral Quinn and Lt. Cmdr. Remmick were introduced in the episode "Coming of Age".


"The Neutral Zone"

Episode Number26 The Romulans communicate with the Enterprise
 The Romulans communicate with the Enterprise
Production Number026 
Original Airdate5/16/1988 
StoryDeborah McIntyre & Mona Clee 
TeleplayMaurice Hurley 
DirectorJames L. Conway 
Three 20th century humans are found cryogenically frozen and are revived as the Enterprise heads to investigate the Romulan's sudden appearance in the Neutral Zone.
Guest Cast
Marc Alaimo (Commander Tebok)
Anthony James (Sub-Commander Thei)
Leon Rippy (L.Q. "Sonny" Clemons)
Peter Mark Richman (Ralph Offenhouse)
Gracie Harrison (Clare Raymond)
According to this episode, the Romulans haven't been heard from since the "Tomed Incident". However, in "Angel One", the Enterprise travels to an outpost to defend against a Romulan attack. In "Heart of Glory", they investigate a battle supposedly involving Romulans and Klingons.
This is the first appearance of the new Romulan warbird, later named as the D'deridex-class Warbird. It was designed by Andrew Probert.
Although not actually seen in this episode, the Borg (Season 2, Episode 42 "Q Who") are later said to have caused the destruction of the Federation and Romulan outposts. The Borg where originally to appear in this episode, but due to the Writer's Guild strike, they were removed and did not debut until "Q Who".
Marc Alaimo went on to play Gul Dukat, a recurring Cardassian on DS9.
Data tells us that the year in our calendar is 2364.
The image of Tommy Raymond is associate producer Peter Lauritson.

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