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"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"

Episode Number75 ''The Best of Both Worlds, Part II''
 ''The Best of Both Worlds, Part II''
Production Number175 
Stardate44001.4  (Calendar Year 2367) 
Original Airdate9/24/1990 
TeleplayMichael Piller 
DirectorCliff Bole 
When the deflector weapon proves to be ineffective, the Borg ship warps toward Earth. A Starfleet armada of 40 ships attacks the Borg ship at Wolf 359 and is defeated. The Enterprise rescues Picard, and Data is able to link into the Borg network through him and stop their attack and destroy the Borg ship.
Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard)
Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr. William Riker)
LeVar Burton (Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge)
Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf)
Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher)
Marina Sirtis (Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi)
Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data)
Wil Wheaton (Ensign Wesley Crusher)
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Elizabeth Dennehy (Lt. Commander Shelby)
George Murdock (Admiral J.P. Hansen)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Todd Merrill (Lieutenant Gleason)
When Picard is declared lost, Riker receives a field promotion to Captain. He chooses Shelby as first officer over Worf and Data and she is promoted to Commander.
39 starships and 11,000 Starfleet personnel were lost at Wolf 359, including Admiral Hansen and the U.S.S. Melbourne (Riker was offered command of the U.S.S. Melbourne NCC-62043 in Part I).
The Battle of Wolf 359 will be seen from Sisko's perspective in the Deep Space Nine pilot "Emissary".
This is the first time we've seen a saucer separation since season 1's "The Arsenal Of Freedom".
Data sends a "Sleep" command to the Borg collective; the malfunction causes the ship to self-destruct.
This episode was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards: it won Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing, and was also nominated for Outstanding Special Effects and Outstanding Art Direction.
Wolf 359 is an actual star 7.6 light years away and the third closest star system to our solar system. (The first two are Alpha Centauri and Barnard's Star.)



Episode Number76 Jean-Luc says au revoir to his family
 Jean-Luc says au revoir to his family
Production Number178 
Original Airdate9/29/1990 
TeleplayRonald D. Moore 
DirectorLes Landau 
While the Enterprise undergoes repairs at McKinley Station in orbit around Earth, Picard returns home to visit his brother Robert in France. Worf’s adoptive parents, Helena and Sergei Rozhenko, visit the Enterprise. Wesley receives a holographic message from his late father, Jack Crusher.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Jeremy Kemp (Robert Picard)
Samantha Eggar (Marie Picard)
David Tristin Birkin (René Picard)
Georgia Brown (Helena Rozhenko)
Theodore Bikel (Sergei Rozhenko)
Dennis Creaghan (Louis )
Doug Wert (Lt. Cmdr. Jack R. Crusher)
Colm Meaney (Chief Miles O'Brien)
The Enterprise is docked at McKinley Station for six weeks for repairs because of the Borg attack. During this time a defective hatch is installed on the Enterprise's warp drive dilithium chamber, which causes a serious failure several months later (see "The Drumhead").
O'Brien is given a first and middle name, Miles Edward, in this episode. Sergei Rozhenko calls O'Brien a non-commissioned crewman, though he clearly is wearing a Lieutenant's two solid pips (the same as Worf, who is standing right next to him). This changes in Season 6, when he is "demoted" to Chief Petty Officer (see "Realm of Fear").
David Tristin Birkin later plays the young Jean-Luc Picard in 6th season's "Rascals".
This episode is often shown out of order during reruns with the next two episodes due to their production numbers.
This episode has no shots on the main bridge.



Episode Number77 Data is called back to his creator, Dr. Soong
 Data is called back to his creator, Dr. Soong
Production Number177 
Original Airdate10/8/1990 
TeleplayRick Berman 
DirectorRob Bowman 
Data (and inadvertently Lore) is called back by his creator, Dr. Soong, by a homing device in his circuits that causes him to take control of the Enterprise, while a young passenger is dangerously ill and in need of treatment at a nearby Starbase.
Guest Cast
Brent Spiner (Dr. Noonien Soong)
Brent Spiner (Lore)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Cory Danziger (Jake Potts)
Adam Ryen (Willie Potts)
James Lashly (Ensign Kopf)
Dr. Soong calls Data back to give him a chip that contains memories and emotion subroutines. Lore fatally injures Dr. Soong and steals the emotion chip.
This is the first time Data meets his "father" face to face. It was previously thought that Dr. Soong was killed by the Crystalline Entity (see "Silicon Avatar").
Data gets the emotion chip back in the 7th season opener "Descent, Part II", and finally installs it in Star Trek Generations. In the meantime, the chip's appearance would change from the tiny round disc seen here to resemble a large "Chex" cereal look.
Lore was floating in space for 2 years until he was found by a group of Pakleds. He was found wearing a Pakled outfit. (See "Datalore" and "Samaritan Snare".)


"Suddenly Human"

Episode Number78 Jono is reunited with his foster father, Endar
 Jono is reunited with his foster father, Endar
Production Number176 
Original Airdate10/15/1990 
StoryRalph Phillips 
TeleplayJohn Whelpley & Jeri Taylor 
DirectorGabrielle Beaumont 
The Enterprise saves a Talarian ship and a teenage human boy named Jono who was been raised by the aliens as one of their own. DNA matching identifies him as Jeremiah Rossa, grandson of Starfleet Admiral Rossa. The boy wishes to remain with the Talarian captain Endar, who took Jono in as his own son.
Guest Cast
Chad Allen (Jono/Jeremiah Rossa)
Sherman Howard (Captain Endar)
Barbara Townsend (Admiral Connaught Rossa)
Jeremiah's parents, along with the rest of the colony, were killed by the Talarians during a border dispute. Endar took in Jeremiah, who was just a baby.
Jono decides to return to the Talarians.
The Enterprise rescued a group of renegade Klingons on a crippled Talarian ship in the first season episode "Heart of Glory".


"Remember Me"

Episode Number79 Beverly Crusher, sole crewman on the Enterprise
 Beverly Crusher, sole crewman on the Enterprise
Production Number179 
Original Airdate10/22/1990 
TeleplayLee Sheldon 
DirectorCliff Bole 
Dr. Crusher discovers crew members are vanishing one by one, but no one left on board misses them -- or even knows who they are. She eventually discovers that she is trapped in a warp bubble generated by one of Wesley's experiments gone awry.
Guest Cast
Eric Menyuk (The Traveler)
Bill Erwin (Cmdr. Dalen Quaice, M.D.)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
The Enterprise is docked at Starbase 133 for crew rotation. It is carrying 1014 people, including Dr. Quaice.
Dr. Crusher interned under Dr. Quaice on Delos IV. Dr. Quaice has been stationed at Starbase 133 for six years.
Dr. Crusher pages Dr. Selar and asks the computer to locate her; she goes missing soon after Dr. Quaice (see "The Schizoid Man").
This was the 79th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The original Star Trek series' episode count was 79.
The Traveler was introduced in the episode "Where No One Has Gone Before". Wesley was experimenting with Kosinski's equations from the same episode.



Episode Number80 Ishara Yar, sister of Lt. Tasha Yar
 Ishara Yar, sister of Lt. Tasha Yar
Production Number180 
Original Airdate10/29/1990 
TeleplayJoe Menosky 
DirectorRobert Scheerer 
A rescue attempt of a Federation freighter on Turkana IV, Tasha Yar's home planet, leads to her sister, Ishara Yar. Yar wins the confidence of the crew and offers to help rescue the men, but is actually using the Enterprise to further her own cause.
Guest Cast
Beth Toussaint (Ishara Yar)
Don Mirault (Hayne)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Vladimir Velasco (Tan Tsu)
Christopher Michael (Coalition Lieutenant)
Tasha Yar left Turkana IV when she was 15. Ishara chose to stay and she joined the Coalition, who is at war with the Alliance.
Tasha Yar died in the first season episode "Skin of Evil".
The U.S.S. Potemkin (NCC-18253, Excelsior-class) was the last starship to visit Turkana IV in 2361. Riker previously served on the Potemkin (presumably after contact with Turkana IV).



Episode Number81 K'Ehleyr brings Alexander to meet Worf
 K'Ehleyr brings Alexander to meet Worf
Production Number181 
Original Airdate11/5/1990 
StoryDrew Deighan & Thomas Perry & Jo Perry 
TeleplayRonald D. Moore & Brannon Braga 
DirectorJonathan Frakes 
During an investigation of a radiation anomaly, the Enterprise is met by a Klingon warship bearing Ambassador K'Ehleyr. When she beams aboard to meet with Captain Picard, she brings a surprise for Lt. Worf -- her young son, who is also Worf's son. While Worf is faced with conflicting feelings for K'Ehleyr and his child, Picard must confront a momentous task. Klingon High Council Leader K'Mpec has been poisoned and is on his deathbed. Knowing he doesn't have long to live, he summons Picard to arbitrate the imminent power struggle for leadership of the Klingons. One of the two contenders is also K'Mpec's murderer, and the fragile peace between the Federation and the Klingons depends on Picard's ability to discover who is the traitor -- before he becomes the new Klingon leader.
Guest Cast
Suzie Plakson (Ambassador K'Ehleyr)
Robert O'Reilly (Gowron)
Patrick Massett (Duras)
Charles Cooper (Chancellor K'Mpec)
Jon Steuer (Alexander)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
Michael Rider (Security Guard)
Basil Wallace (Klingon Guard #1)
Mirron E. Willis (Klingon Guard #2)
Duras kills K'Ehleyr when she learns why Worf was discommendated. The producers decided to kill the popular K'Ehleyr because they felt it was the best way to provoke Worf into killing Duras.
K'Ehleyr and Worf mated in the 2nd season episode "The Emissary". Alexander is awfully big for a one-year-old.... Alexander goes to live with Worf's foster parents, and he returns to the Enterprise to stay in the fifth season episode "New Ground".
The new Klingon Vor'cha-class attack cruiser debuts here. (All other Klingon vessels where rehashed from the classic Trek movies up to this point.) The ship now has warp nacelles, which have a slight "Starfleet" look to reflect the Klingon-Federation alliance.
K'Mpec has been Chancellor of the Klingon Empire longer than any other.
The Klingon storyline continues in the season finale "Redemption, Part I", where Gowron is officially installed as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.


"Future Imperfect"

Episode Number82 ''Ethan'' explains to  Riker why he kdnapped him
 ''Ethan'' explains to Riker why he kdnapped him
Production Number182 
Original Airdate11/12/1990 
TeleplayJ. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren 
DirectorLes Landau 
Riker awakens in sick bay to be told that 16 years have elapsed and he now has a son. Dr. Crusher tells him his memory of those years has been erased by a virus he contracted during an away mission on Alpha Onias III.
Guest Cast
Chris Demetral ("Jean-Luc Riker"/"Ethan")
Andreas Katsulas (Commander Tomalok)
Carolyn McCormick (Minuet Riker)
Patti Yasutake (Nurse [Alyssa Ogawa])
Todd Merrill (Ensign Gleason)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
George O'Hanlon Jr. (Transporter Chief)
Dana Tjowander (Barash)
Barash is a lonely, young alien living alone on the planet. His mother left him there to keep him safe from aliens that were hunting their species. She provided him with neural scanners which can read his thoughts and turn them into holograms. Barash leaves with Riker.
Riker met the holo-character Minuet, created by the Bynars, in the episode "11001001".
In Riker's alternate reality, Riker is captain of the Enterprise, Data is First Officer, and Worf is Ops Manager. Picard has been promoted to admiral, and he and Deanna have positions at Starfleet Command. There is also a Ferengi ensign at Conn.
This is the first appearance of Dr. Crusher's recurring nurse, who will later be known as Alyssa Ogawa.


"Final Mission"

Episode Number83 Wesley pledges to keep Picard alive
 Wesley pledges to keep Picard alive
Production Number183 
Original Airdate11/19/1990 
StoryKacey Arnold-Ince 
TeleplayKacey Arnold-Ince and Jeri Taylor 
DirectorCorey Allen 
Wesley joins Captain Picard on a final mission after learning he will finally be going to Starfleet Academy. En route to mediate a miners' dispute, the shuttlecraft crashes on a desert moon. Meanwhile, the Enterprise tows a radioactive garbage scow.
Guest Cast
Nick Tate (Captain Dirgo)
Kim Hamilton (Chairman Songi)
Mary Kohnert (Ensign Tess Allenby)
With this episode, Wil Wheaton officially leaves the regular cast. Like Denise Crosby, he asked to be let go to pursue a film career. Wil Wheaton's name will be dropped from the opening credits after this episode.
In this episode, Wesley Crusher does not save the Enterprise, only Captain Picard.
Wesley Crusher will return as a guest star to once again save the Enterprise in Season 5's "The Game".


"The Loss"

Episode Number84 Deanna Troi's senses become overloaded
 Deanna Troi's senses become overloaded
Production Number184 
Original Airdate12/31/1990 
StoryHilary J. Bader 
TeleplayHilary J. Bader and Alan J. Bader & Vanessa Greene 
DirectorChip Chalmers 
Troi loses her empathic abilities while the Enterprise is trapped in a two-dimensional field and being drawn with it toward a cosmic string that will destroy the Enterprise.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Kim Braden (Ensign Janet Brooks)
Mary Kohnert (Ensign Tess Allenby)
Riker refers to Deanna as "imzadi" (Betazoid for "beloved"), which is the first time the word has been heard since Season 2 ("Shades of Gray"). We won't hear it again until the 5th season (a "flashback" in "Violations") and then the 7th season ("Thine Own Self").


"Data's Day"

Episode Number85 Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa
 Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa
Production Number185 
Original Airdate1/7/1991 
StoryHarold Apter 
TeleplayHarold Apter and Ronald D. Moore 
DirectorRobert Wiemer 
Data narrates a day's activities in which he tries to understand various human reactions. Chief Miles O'Brien marries Keiko. Dr. Crusher teaches Data to dance. Meanwhile, Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel takes the Enterprise to the Neutral Zone.
Guest Cast
Rosalind Chao (Keiko Ishikawa)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Sierra Pecheur (Ambassador T'Pel/Subcommander Selok)
Alan Scarfe (Admiral Mendak)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
Shelly Desai (V'Sal)
Data narrates his activities to Commander Bruce Maddox, who tried to have him disassembled for study in "The Measure of a Man".
This episode introduces Keiko O'Brien, who becomes a recurring character on TNG, then DS9.
This is the first episode we actually see the arboretum (it was previously mentioned several times). Being a botanist, Keiko works in the arboretum. The arboretum is located on Deck 17, Section 21 Alpha.
This episode introduces Data's cat, Spot, who would appear again later in the fourth and sixth seasons.
This episode marks the first appearance of the ship's salon and the Bolian barber.
T'Pel is a Romulan spy, who is later referenced by Admiral Satie in "Drumhead".
Gates McFadden was a choreographer for the Muppets.


"The Wounded"

Episode Number86 Gul Macet of the Cardassian Union
 Gul Macet of the Cardassian Union
Production Number186 
Original Airdate1/27/1991 
StoryStuart Charno & Sara Charno and Cy Chermak 
TeleplayJeri Taylor 
DirectorChip Chalmers 
Renegade Starfleet Captain Maxwell of the U.S.S. Phoenix is attacking the Cardassians, and the Enterprise must intercept and stop him before he starts a war.
Guest Cast
Bob Gunton (Captain Ben Maxwell)
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
Marc Alaimo (Gul Macet)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Marco Rodriguez (Glinn Telle)
Time Winters (Glinn Daro)
John Hancock (Admiral Haden)
This episode introduces the Cardassians, who would later be seen in "Ensign Ro" and "Chain of Command, Part I", along with being important figures in the history of Deep Space Nine. On the star charts, the Cardassian Union is located "west" of the Federation, opposite from the Klingon and Romulan Empires. A treaty was signed one year ago, which ended the hostilities between the Cardassians and the Federation. Maxwell discovered that the Cardassians are secretly rearming for war.
The U.S.S. Phoenix NCC-65420 is a Nebula-class starship. This is the first appearance of the Nebula-class starship, which has a similar design to the Galaxy-class starship, in a different configuartion.
O'Brien was Maxwell's tactical officer on the U.S.S. Rutledge NCC-57295 during the Federation-Cardassian border conflicts in the 2340's.
Marc Alaimo will go on to play a different Cardassian -- Gul Dukat -- on Deep Space Nine.
The Cardassian rank Gul is equivalent to Captain, and Glinn is equivalent to Commander.
The song O'Brien and Maxwell sing is "The Minstrel Boy" by Thomas Moore.


"Devil's Due"

Episode Number87 Ardra arrives to enslave the Ventaxians
 Ardra arrives to enslave the Ventaxians
Production Number187 
Original Airdate2/4/1991 
StoryPhilip Lazebnik and William Douglas Lansford 
TeleplayPhilip Lazebnik 
DirectorTom Benko 
An emergency transmission from a Federation science station brings the Enterprise to Ventax II. A woman with great powers claims to be the Ventaxian's mythical figure Ardra and she has returned to claim the planet and its inhabitants by a 1,000 year old contract. Picard sets out to prove that she is just a con-artist.
Guest Cast
Marta DuBois (Ardra)
Paul Lambert (Dr. Howard Clarke)
Marcello Tubert (Acost Jared)
Thad Lamey (Devil Monster)
Tom Magee (Fek'lhr Monster)
William Glover (Marley)
Picard critiques Data's role as Scrooge from Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" on the holodeck.
Marta DuBois previously played Magnum's estranged wife on "Magnum P.I."
At one point, Ardra transforms herself in to Fek'lhr, The Guardian of Gre'thor--where dishonored Klingons go after they die.



Episode Number88 La Forge examines Data for malfunctions
 La Forge examines Data for malfunctions
Production Number188 
Original Airdate2/11/1991 
StoryBruce D. Arthurs 
TeleplayBruce D. Arthurs and Joe Menosky 
DirectorLes Landau 
After experiencing a wormhole, Data appears to be lying to cover up the reason for the crew's resulting unconsciousness.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Pamela Winslow (Ensign McKnight)
Rhonda Aldrich (Madeline)
Patti Yasutake (Nurse [Alyssa Ogawa])
Thomas Knickerbocker (Gunman)
Guinan joins Picard on the holodeck in a Dixon Hill story.
The nurse introduced in "Future Imperfect" is given a first name in this episode, Alyssa. (Alyssa gets a last name in "Identity Crisis".)
This is the first episode where we see Worf teaching his Klingon T'ai Chi class.
The Paxans are an isolationist species. When ships enter their space, they stun the crew and make it appear to be the effect of a wormhole. However, their stun did not work on Data.


"First Contact"

Episode Number89 Picard and Troi make first contact with Yale
 Picard and Troi make first contact with Yale
Production Number189 
Original Airdate2/18/1991 
StoryMarc Scott Zicree 
TeleplayDennis Russell Bailey & David Bischoff and Joe Menosky & Ronald D. Moore and Michael Piller 
DirectorCliff Bole 
Riker is injured and hospitalized while disguised as one of the people of the planet Malcoria III, a society on the verge of space travel. To find Riker, Picard makes immediate contact with the Malcorian Science Minister, Mirasta Yale.
Guest Cast
Carolyn Seymour (Science Minister Mirasta Yale)
George Coe (Chancellor Avill Durken)
Michael Ensign (Security Minister Krola)
Steven Anderson (Dr. Nilrem)
Sachi Parker (Dr. Tava)
Bebe Neuwirth (Nurse Lanel)
George Hearn (Dr. Berel)
The Federation is very careful about First Contact procedures because of the "disastrous" first contact with the Klingons that lead to years of conflict.
When Chancellor Durken cancels the space program, Yale leaves Malcoria with the Enterprise.
Carolyn Seymour has also played Romulan Subcommander Taris in "Contagion" and later Romulan Commander Toreth in "Face of the Enemy".
Lanel offers to help Riker escape if he will make love to her. They don't show what happens, but minutes later he is seen escaping....
Bebe Neuwirth is famous for playing Dr. Lilith Crane on the NBC sitcom "Cheers".


"Galaxy's Child"

Episode Number90 Dr. Brahms discovers La Forge's program
 Dr. Brahms discovers La Forge's program
Production Number190 
Original Airdate3/11/1991 
StoryThomas Kartozian 
TeleplayMaurice Hurley 
DirectorWinrich Kolbe 
Geordi meets the real Dr. Brahms he once "met" as a Holodeck image, who is onboard to study his engine modifications. A newborn lifeform attaches itself to the Enterprise and is draining its energy.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Susan Gibney (Dr. Leah Brahms)
Lanei Chapman (Ensign Sariel Rager)
Jana Marie Hupp (Ensign Pavlik)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
Geordi created and fell in love with the holodeck Dr. Brahms in the episode "Booby Trap".
"Junior" was a computer generated animation.
"Junior" was attached over Shuttlebay 3 according to the published ship schematics, but the crew said he was attached over Shuttlebay 2.
This is the first episode where we see the Jeffries Tubes, used to access the ship's inner systems.


"Night Terrors"

Episode Number91 Deanna tries to reach Andrus Hagen
 Deanna tries to reach Andrus Hagen
Production Number191 
Original Airdate3/18/1991 
StoryShari Goodhartz 
TeleplayPamela Douglas and Jeri Taylor 
DirectorLes Landau 
When the Enterprise responds to a distress call from the U.S.S. Brattain, they find the Brattain crew dead, except for a catatonic Betazoid science advisor. The Enterprise becomes caught in a Tyken's Rift, where energy is being drained, preventing their escape. The crew begins hallucinating due to dream deprivation, except for Deanna Troi, who experiences a recurring nightmare.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
John Vickery (Andrus Hagen)
Duke Moosekian (Ensign Gillespie)
Craig Hurley (Ensign Peeples)
Brian Tochi (Ensign Kenny Lin)
Lanei Chapman (Ensign Sariel Rager)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Deborah Taylor (Capt. Chantal R. Zaheva)
The model for the U.S.S. Brattain NCC-21166 had the name incorrectly spelled as Brittain (it was spelled "Brattain" in the computer displays, the script, and the closed captioning). The model was a modification of the U.S.S. Reliant NCC-1864 from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (both were Miranda-class starships).
Deanna's nightmare has a voice telling her "Eyes in the dark...One moon circles." The dream is a telepathic message from a ship trapped on the other side of the rift. The message refers to the binary star system and that they need Hydrogen. Deanna saves the day when she tells the ship trapped on the other side "NOW" in her dream as Data releases Hydrogen. The resulting explosion blows the two ships free.
This episode gives us our first peek at "The Fueding O'Briens" who will make an artform out of arguing on Deep Space Nine.


"Identity Crisis"

Episode Number92 Leijten appeals to La Forge's humanity
 Leijten appeals to La Forge's humanity
Production Number192 
Original Airdate3/25/1991 
StoryTimothy De Hass 
TeleplayBrannon Braga 
DirectorWinrich Kolbe 
Geordi and his former commander from the U.S.S. Victory NCC-9754, Suzanna Leijten, are undergoing changes into an alien form due to a mission five years ago on the planet Tarchannen III, to which they are now drawn.
Guest Cast
Maryann Plunkett (Lt. Cmdr. Suzanna Leijten)
Patti Yasutake (Nurse Alyssa Ogawa)
Amick Byram (Lieutenant Hickman)
Dennis Mandalone (Transporter Tech Hedrick)
Mona Grudt (Ensign Graham)
Paul Thompkins (Ensign Anthony Brevelle)
One of the other members of the Victory away team, Mendez, stole the shuttle Cousteau from the U.S.S. Aries. The Aries was offered to Riker in the episode "The Icaris Factor". The shuttle identifies the Aries as having registry NCC-45167.
The Victory away team was infected with a parasite, a living DNA strand which causes the host to metamorphosize into a new species.
Alyssa received a last name, Ogawa, in this episode.


"The Nth Degree"

Episode Number93 Barclay creates a neural link with the computer
 Barclay creates a neural link with the computer
Production Number193 
Original Airdate4/22/1991 
TeleplayJoe Menosky 
DirectorRobert Legato 
Sent to repair the malfunctioning Argus Array telescope, the Enterprise discovers an alien probe. An energy surge from the probe turns Lt. Barclay into a superbeing and enables him to form a neural link with the ship’s computer. He takes the ship to an uncharted realm of space.
Guest Cast
Dwight Schultz (Lt. Reginald Barclay)
Jim Norton (Albert Einstein)
Kay E. Kuter (Cytherian)
Saxon Trainor (Lt. Linda Larson)
Page Leong (Ensign April Anaya)
David Coburn (Ensign Brower)
Dr. Crusher helps Barclay overcome his shyness by casting him in a play as Cyrano de Bergerac.
The Argus Array is located three light years from Cardassian space.
Barclay was introduced in Season 3's "Hollow Pursuits".
Kay Kuter played Herr Huber in the Sierra Online computer game "Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within"



Episode Number94 Picard and Vash as Robin Hood and Marian
 Picard and Vash as Robin Hood and Marian
Production Number194 
Original Airdate4/1/1991 
TeleplayRandee Russell and Ira Steven Behr 
DirectorCliff Bole 
Vash comes to the Enterprise for an archaeology conference, but is annoyed Picard has never mentioned her to the crew. Q decides to help, and transforms the Captain and crew into Robin Hood and his Merry Men and Vash into Maid Marian in distress.
Guest Cast
John De Lancie ("Q")
Jennifer Hetrick (Vash)
Clive Revill (Sir Guy)
Joi Staton (The Servant)
After saving her, Vash goes off with Q to explore the galaxy. While Picard won't meet up with Vash again, she does return (along with Q) in the Deep Space Nine episode "Q-Less".
Picard met Vash in the 3rd season episode "Captain's Holiday".
Worf gets to say "I protest! I am not a merry man!"


"The Drumhead"

Episode Number95 'I've brought down bigger men than you, Picard!'
 'I've brought down bigger men than you, Picard!'
Production Number195 
Original Airdate4/29/1991 
TeleplayJeri Taylor 
DirectorJonathan Frakes 
After a Klingon exchange scientist admits to spying, retired Admiral Satie accuses an innocent crewman, Simon Tarses, and then Picard, of treason against the United Federation of Planets.
Guest Cast
Jean Simmons (Admiral Norah Satie)
Bruce French (Sabin Genestra)
Spencer Garrett (Crewman Simon Tarses)
Henry Woronicz (Lieutenant J'Ddan)
Earl Billings (Admiral Thomas Henry)
Ann Shea (Nellen Tore)
This episode was originally intended to be a low-budget "flashback" episode.
Admiral Satie accuses Picard of consorting with the Romulans and states that he has violated the Prime Directive 9 times since taking command of the Enterprise.
Med Tech Simon Tarses' paternal grandfather was a Romulan, not a Vulcan as he stated on his application.
The faulty hatch on the dilithium chamber was installed while the Enterprise was docked for repairs during the episode "Family".
The Enterprise transported the Romulan spy in the episode "Data's Day".
Satie directly contributes the destruction at Wolf 359 to Picard, 39 starships destroyed and nearly 11,000 lives lost ("The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"). This sentiment is echoed by Benjamin Sisko in the Deep Space Nine pilot episode "Emissary".


"Half a Life"

Episode Number96 Lwaxana departs with Timicin to attend  Resolution
 Lwaxana departs with Timicin to attend Resolution
Production Number196 
Original Airdate4/29/1991 
StoryTed Roberts and Peter Allan Fields 
TeleplayPeter Allan Fields 
DirectorLes Landau 
Lwaxana Troi falls in love with Timicin, an alien scientist on board the Enterprise for a scientific test to aid in saving his planet, Kaelon II. After an unsuccessful test, he confides to Lwaxana that his people expect him to return home to commit ritual suicide because he has reached age 60.
Guest Cast
David Ogden Stiers (Dr. Timicin)
Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi)
Michelle Forbes (Dara)
Terrence E. McNally (Minister B'Tardat)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn)
The Resolution is designed to eliminate the society's responsibility of caring for the elderly, allowing the citizens of Kaelon to die with dignity.
Michelle Forbes, Timicin's daughter, will later play the recurring character of Ensign Ro.


"The Host"

Episode Number97 Crusher and Ogawa attend to Odan's host
 Crusher and Ogawa attend to Odan's host
Production Number197 
Original Airdate5/13/1991 
TeleplayMichel Horvat 
DirectorMarvin V. Rush 
Beverly Crusher becomes romantically involved with Trill ambassador Odan, who is being escorted by the U.S.S. Enterprise to mediate a dispute in the Peliar system. When he is fatally wounded, she finds the man is the host part of a joined species consisting of a humanoid host and a symbiotic parasitic being. To complete the mission, Riker volunteers to be the temoporary host until a new host arrives from Trill.
Guest Cast
Franc Luz (Ambassador Odan)
Barbara Tarbuck (Governor Leka Trion)
Nicole Orth-Pallavicini (Kareel)
William Newman (Kalin Trose)
Patti Yasutake (Nurse Alyssa Ogawa)
Robert Harper (Lathal Bine)
Odan is mediating a dispute between the Alpha and Beta moons of Pelia Zel.
This episode introduces the Trill "joined species," the species of Lt. Dax of Deep Space Nine. However, they seem to be very different species. Odan has ridges on his forehead, while Dax and every other Trill has spots. Odan says a transporter will damage the Symbiont, while Dax transports all the time. Odan implies that all of the Trill are "joined," but in the DS9 Trill, only 10% of the Trill are joined. Odan's symbiont also seems fond of pushing out on his abdomen. We have never seen this in any of the DS9 Trills. The symbiont here completely takes over the host's mind. In DS9, the symbiont combines with the host to create a new individual. In this episode, Troi and Picard claim they know little of the Trill. However, Dax is a Starfleet officer, and her former host Curzon Dax served with Sisko and they were very good friends. Trill is a Federation world. The DS9 producers said they made the changes to make the Trill more practical.
The replacement host sent by the Trill is a female. Beverly admits that she loves Odan, but can not cope with this kind of change, despite Odan's wishes to continue seeing her. (In the modified Trill species, a relationship with a previous host's lover is forbidden; the punishment is exile, with the eventual death of the symbiont when the host dies.)
Troi and Crusher are seen taking advantage of the ship's salon, which has a new Bolian barber.


"The Mind's Eye"

Episode Number98 Taibak tortures La Forge while Sela watches
 Taibak tortures La Forge while Sela watches
Production Number198 
Original Airdate5/27/1991 
StoryKen Schafer and René Echevarria 
TeleplayRené Echevarria 
DirectorDavid Livingston 
En route to vacation and a seminar on Risa, Geordi La Forge is captured by the Romulans, who program him though his VISOR to help in an assassination plot against the Klingons. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is assigned to escort Klingon Ambassador Kell to the Kriosian system, where one of the Klingon colonies is fighting for independence. The governor of Krios charges that the Federation is secretly supplying the rebels with weapons.
Guest Cast
Larry Dobkin (Ambassador Kell)
Edward Wiley (Governor Vagh)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
John Fleck (Taibak)
Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)
The Romulans are trying to break the Klingon-Federation alliance. The Romulans furnished the counterfeit weapons.
Romulan Commander Sela first appears in this episode (hidden in the shadows), but we don't get a good look at her until "Redemption, Part I", and she is not identified by name until "Redemption, Part II". An extra played Sela on screen, and Denise Crosby later provided the voice.


"In Theory"

Episode Number99 Data and Jenna D'Sora
 Data and Jenna D'Sora
Production Number199 
Original Airdate6/3/1991 
TeleplayJoe Menosky & Ronald D. Moore 
DirectorPatrick Stewart 
While Picard navigates the Enterprise through an unstable region of space, Data attempts a romantic relationship with a human crewmate, Lt. Jenna D'Sora.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Michele Scarabelli (Lt. Jenna D'Sora)
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
Colm Meaney (Lt. Miles O'Brien)
Pamela Winslow (Ensign McKnight)
This is Patrick Stewart's directorial debut.
Lt. D'Sora works in Security under Lt. Worf. She was working with Data in torpedo control to modify a photon torpedo for use in studying the dark matter nebula.
Jenna breaks up with Data at the end of the episode and he deletes the appropriate subroutine.
In a woodwind quintet concert in Ten Forward, Data plays the oboe, Jenna plays the flute, and Keiko plays the clarinet. (There are 2 unknown crewmen on bassoon and french horn.)
Data's cat, Spot, is seen in this episode.


"Redemption, Part I"

Episode Number100 ''Redemption''
Production Number200 
Original Airdate6/17/1991 
TeleplayRonald D. Moore 
DirectorCliff Bole 
The Enterprise travels to the Klingon home world to install Gowron as leader of the Klingon High Council. When the sisters of Duras, Lursa and B'Etor, challenge his leadership, Worf resigns his commission in Starfleet to join the Klingons, as civil war is imminent.
Guest Cast
Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
Robert O'Reilly (Chancellor Gowron)
Tony Todd (Captain Kurn)
Barbara March (Lursa)
Gwynyth Walsh (B'Etor)
Ben Slack (K'tal)
Nicholas Kepros (Romulan General Movar)
J.D. Cullum (Toral)
Tom Ormeny (Klingon First Officer)
Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)
Denise Crosby (Romulan Commander Sela)
This episode is a continuation of the storyline from "Reunion".
Toral is Duras' bastard son. The sisters of Duras challenge Gowron's installation. As Arbiter of Succession, Picard rejects his claim.
Gowron's flagship is the I.K.C. Bortas, a Vor'cha-class attack cruiser.
After the installation ceremony, Gowron restores Worf's family's honor.
Troi, Crusher, and La Forge do not appear in this episode, save Worf's departure scene; they have no speaking lines.
The Romulan Commander looks suspiciously like Tasha Yar!
To be continued...

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