Star Trek

“Who Mourns for Adonais?”

Episode Number31 (2.02)
Production Number33
Original Airdate22-Sep-1967
TeleplayGilbert Ralston
DirectorMarc Daniels
Scotty and Lt. Carolyn Palamas arrive on Pollux

As the U.S.S. Enterprise nears the planet Pollux IV, a huge, green hand made of energy materializes in space, catching the Enterprise and holding it captive. Kirk and a landing party are transported to the planet's surface where they find a being who claims to be Apollo, the last of the Greek gods who dwelled on ancient Earth's Mount Olympus.

Guest Cast

Michael Forest (Apollo)
Leslie Parrish (Lt. Carolyn Palamas)
James Doohan (Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott)
George Takei (Lt. Hikaru Sulu)
Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura)
Walter Koenig (Ensign Pavel Chekov)
John Winston (Lt. Kyle)

  • Scott has romantic interests in Carolyn Palamas. Apollo charms her, calls her beautiful, and she instantly falls in love with him, naturally. When Scott tries to step in, Apollo shocks him and throws him down. (Carolyn is too happy to have new clothes and a new boyfriend to care.)
  • Kirk suggests that perhaps Apollo and his kind did travel to Earth 5000 years ago to be worshipped as gods. Apollo could be lying, but it is never verified.
  • Uhura rewires the communication system circuit boards, enabling the Enterprise to contact the landing party.