Trip Tucker
Trip Tucker
Connor Trinneer
Full Name: Charles 'Trip' Tucker
Affiliation: Earth Starfleet
Current Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, Columbia NX-02
Previous Assignment: Chief Engineer, Enterprise NX-01

Species: Human
Place of Birth: Florida, North America, Earth

Trip Tucker -- his father and grandfather were both Charles, so "Trip" is short for "triple" -- has been in Starfleet for 12 years, and has known Archer for eight. The two officers met back when Archer was a commander involved with the NX-Test Program and Trip was a lieutenant on Captain Jefferies' engineering team. Trip and Archer teamed up with Commander A.G. Robinson to convince Starfleet and its Vulcan advisors that the NX program was worth keeping on track. Though they resorted to unorthodox means, launching an NX vessel without permission, they were ultimately successful. From then on, the duo shared a strong bond.

As he has proved time and time again, Trip is an ace engineer, and claims that he can't sleep without the warp engines online.
2139 Completed Starfleet Training Program
2143 Lieutenant in NX Warp 2 Test Program's engineering team
2146 Assigned to Captain Jeffries' engineering team on Enterprise NX-01
2151 Promoted to Commander; Assigned to Enterprise NX-01, Chief Engineer
2153 Younger sister, Elizabeth Tucker, killed in Xindi attack on Earth
2154 Assigned to Columbia NX-02, Chief Engineer
Charles 'Trip' Tucker
Commander Trip Tucker, Chief Engineer
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