Jolene Blalock
Full Name: T'Pol
Affiliation: Earth Starfleet
Current Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: First Officer/Science Officer, Enterprise NX-01
Previous Assignment: Science Officer, Seleya

Species: Vulcan
Place of Birth: 2088, Vulcan

The Vulcans insisted that Sub-Commander T'Pol oversee Enterprise's voyages and refused to supply starcharts unless this demand was met. This is not a position for which T'Pol volunteered. Her skill as a science officer is unquestioned, but working alongside primitive and irrational humans is an ongoing lesson in Vulcan patience. T'Pol and Archer often disagree, but are gradually learning mutual respect.

In 2153, the Enterprise set out for the Delphic Expanse to find the creators of the weapon that attacked Earth, the Xindi. Because it did not approve of the mission, the Vulcan High Command recalled T'Pol to Vulcan. T'Pol refused and resigned her commission with the High Command. Upon return to Earth in 2154, Starfleet offered T'Pol a commission with a rank of Commander. She accepted and became the first Vulcan to serve in Starfleet.
2135 Served in Ministry of Security, completed training in reconnaisance and retrieval
2136 Joined Science Directorate
2148 Served as Deputy Science Officer on Vulcan vessel Seleya under Captain Voris
2149 Transferred to Vulcan Consulate on Earth
2151 Assigned as observer on Enterprise NX-01; remained on board as science officer under command of Captain Jonathan Archer
2153 Resigned her commission with the Vulcan High Command in order to accompany Enterprise on its mission to the Delphic Expanse
2154 Upon return from Delphic Expanse, accepted a commission with Starfleet, rank of Commander
Subcommander T'Pol, Enterprise Science Officer
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