Dr. Phlox
Dr. Phlox
John Billingsley
Full Name: Dr. Phlox
Affiliation: Earth Starfleet
Current Rank:
Current Assignment: Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise NX-01
Previous Assignment: Starfleet Medical, Interspecies Medical Exchange

Species: Denobulan
Place of Birth: Denobula Triaxa

Dr. Phlox is a Denobulan physician participating in the Interspecies Medical Exchange. He was stationed in San Fransisco when Captain Jonathan Archer asked him to be the Chief Medical Officer on the new Enterprise NX-01 in 2151.

He has three wives back on Denobula and they each have two other husbands. This is the norm for his people, who apparently have very complex mating rituals. Though Phlox's work keeps him from seeing his family very often, he did get the opportunity to see one of his wives, Feezal, when she came onboard Enterprise to assist in installing a neutron microscope. Phlox has five children, and his two daughters have followed in his footsteps -- one is a surgeon, the other a biochemist. His eldest son is a potter. Phlox is somewhat estranged from his two younger sons -- Mettas, the youngest, holds archaic, anti-Antaran beliefs.

Dr. Phlox is a congenial fellow who balances an oblique sense of humor and a happy disposition, along with a natural scientific curiosity that retains a sense of humanity. Phlox's background in intergalactic medicine is indispensable, though his approach to the healing arts is sometimes startling.
2151 Assigned to Enterprise NX-01, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Phlox
Dr. Phlox, Enterprise Chief Medical Officer
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