EMH Program, Mark-I
EMH Program, Mark-I
Robert Picardo


 EMH Program, Mark-II
EMH Program, Mark-II
Full Name: Emergency Medical Holographic Program
Affiliation: Starfleet
Current Rank:
Current Assignment:
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Species: Hologram
Place of Birth: 2370, Jupiter Station, Holo-Programming Center

The Starfleet Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) program was introduced in 2370 in the new Starfleet Intrepid-Class Starships. The EMH was programmed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman of the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center, assisted by diagnostic engineer Lt. Reginald Barclay. The hologram is also modeled after Dr. Zimmerman's appearance. The EMH is meant as a short-term supplement to a starship's medical staff during an emergency. The EMH is only able to function in areas equipped with holographic projectors. The projectors generate the humanoid image and a magnetic containment field. The field allows the doctor to manipulate physical objects. The EMH is programmed with over 5 million treatments from 2,000 medical references and 47 physicians. The program also uses a learning algorithm, allowing it to learn and adapt to new situations. In 2372, the EMH's appearance was updated to reflect the new Starfleet uniforms. The EMH is now featured in all new Starfleet vessels.

The next version of the EMH, the EMH Mark II, is currently in development. The prototype was installed into the prototype Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Prometheus NX-59650 in 2374 for field testing. Expected new features include updated medical references, a more attractive physical appearance, and a nicer bedside manner.

A supplement to the EMH, the Long-Term Medical Holographic (LMH) program is also currently under development by Dr. Zimmerman. The LMH is meant to replace a humanoid doctor, especially during long-term deep-space missions.
2370 EMH Mark-I installed into Intrepid-Class U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
2372 EMH Mark-I installed into Sovereign-Class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E
2373 Voyager EMH obtained 29th century autonomous mobile holographic emitter.
2373 Dr. Julian Bashir was chosen as the model for LMH program. Rejected after interviews.
2374 EMH Mark-II Prototype installed into Prometheus-Class U.S.S. Prometheus NX-59650
 Emergency Medical Holographic Program
The EMH is activated after the CMO is lost
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