Jonathan Archer
Jonathan Archer
Scott Bakula
Full Name: Jonathan Archer
Affiliation: Earth Starfleet
Current Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, Enterprise NX-01
Previous Assignment:

Species: Human
Place of Birth: New York, North America, Earth

Possessing an insatiable sense of adventure and wonder, Captain Archer is guided by a core of human decency and intuition. He is fiercely independent, while at the same time strongly committed to duty. All these qualities made him Starfleet's choice to lead humanity's first mission into the deeper reaches of space and represent Earth in the wider galactic community.

His father was the renowned Henry Archer, who led the development of the Warp Five engine in the footsteps of warp pioneer Zefram Cochrane. So it is fitting that Jonathan would carry on the family legacy by commanding the first starship powered by that engine, the Enterprise NX-01.
Completed Starfleet Training Program
Promoted to Lieutenant
Promoted to Commander
2143 Commander on NX Warp 2 Test Program; success allowed the NX program to continue
2151 Promoted to Captain; Assigned to Enterprise NX-01
Jonathan Archer
Captain Jonathan Archer, Commanding Officer
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