U.S.S. PEGASUS NCC-53847  

U.S.S. Pegasus The Oberth-class starship is a small Federation starship typically used for scientific missions. The Oberth-class is not heavily armed, but it has a large computer core, very powerful sensors and other scientific instruments, contained in the equipment module. This makes it a popular research vessel as well as a testbed for new projects. The Oberth-class is one of the few Federation vessels that is used in non-Starfleet research missions.

The class was named after Herman Oberth, a 20th century German rocket scientist.

One classified test was the phased cloak protoype aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus NCC-53847, commanded by Captain Erik Pressman. In 2354, the Pegasus was secretly fit with an illegal prototype Federation phased cloaking device. (The Treaty of Algeron, signed by the Federation and the Romulan Empire in 2311, ended hostilities between the two and prohibited the Federation from developing cloaking technology.) The phased cloak functions as a standard cloak, which allows the ship to appear invisible. It also is slightly phased which allows it to pass through normal matter. While conducting dangerous tests, the crew became concerned that Captain Pressman had become obsessed and was endangering the ship and the crew. The crew mutinied and Captain Pressman and his supporters (including then Ensign William T. Riker) were forced to abandon ship. After Pressman escaped from the Pegasus, the ship appeared to be destroyed by a warp core breach.

U.S.S. Pegasus In 2370, the Pegasus was found trapped inside Asteroid Gamma 6-0-1 in the Devolin System. Starfleet Security sent now Admiral Erik Pressman with the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D to salvage the cloak. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was suspicious of Admiral Pressman's motives as he endangered the Enterprise and its crew to salvage the Pegasus, but he was under orders. When Commander Riker finally told Captain Picard of the mission and of the cloaking device, Picard took Admiral Pressman into custody for violating the Treaty of Algeron.

By the 2370's, the aging Oberth-class vessel is being phased out of Starfleet, replaced by the Nova-class starship.

Notable Oberth-class starships include:
 NAME, REGISTRYU.S.S. Pegasus, NCC-53847
 STARSHIP CLASSOberth-Class Science Vessel
 PRIMARY PROPULSIONMatter/Antimatter Reactor (warp core)
 SECONDARY PROPULSION  Deuterium Fusion Drive motors (impulse engines)
 SUSTAINABLE WARP7.0 (Cruise Velocity); 8.5 (Sustainable); 9.0 (Max)
 ARMAMENTType-VII Phaser Arrays (5.1 MW); 3 Mark-VIII and Mark-IX Photon Torpedo Launchers
 COMPUTER CORERedundant primary computer cores. Isolinear optical circuits.

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