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Episode Number1 & 2 Enterprise docks at DS9 in orbit of Bajor
 Enterprise docks at DS9 in orbit of Bajor
Production Number001 & 402 
Stardate46379.1  (Calendar Year 2369) 
Original Airdate1/2/1993 
StoryRick Berman & Michael Piller 
TeleplayMichael Piller 
DirectorDavid Carson 
On a distant outpost at the edge of the final frontier, an untested crew embarks on an unprecedented journey of discovery. While Commander Sisko is being interrogated by aliens inside the wormhole after being sent there by Kai Opaka, the Bajoran spiritual leader, Major Kira must deal with the Cardassian fleet who is convinced that Deep Space 9 is responsible for the disappearance of one of their ships.
Avery Brooks (Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko)
Rene Auberjonois (Odo)
Siddig El Fadil (Dr. Julian Bashir)
Terry Farrell (Lt. Jadzia Dax)
Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko)
Colm Meaney (Chief Miles O'Brien)
Armin Shimerman (Quark)
Nana Visitor (Major Kira Nerys)
Guest Cast
Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard)
Camille Saviola (Kai Opaka)
Felicia M. Bell (Jennifer Sisko)
Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat)
Joel Swetow (Gul Jasad)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Stephen Davies (Saratoga Tactical Officer)
Max Grodénchik (Ferengi Pit Boss [Rom])
Steve Rankin (Cardassian Officer)
Lily Mariye (Saratoga Ops Officer)
Cassandra Byram (Saratoga Conn Officer)
John Noah Hertzler (Saratoga Vulcan Captain)
April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell)
Kevin McDermott (Alien Batter)
Parker Whitman (Cardassian Officer)
William Powell-Blair (Cardassian Officer)
Frank Owen Smith (Curzon Dax)
Lynnda Ferguson (Doran)
Megan Butler (Enterprise Lieutenant)
Stephen Rowe (Chanting Monk)
Thomas Hobson (Young Jake Sisko)
Donald Hotton (Monk #1)
Gene Armor (Bajoran Bureaucrat)
Diana Cignoni (Dabo Girl)
Judi Durand (Cardassian Computer Voice)
Majel Barrett (Starfleet Computer Voice)
Two-hour series pilot (production number 721). Separated into Part I and Part II for rerun (production numbers 401 and 402).
Deep Space 9 orbited the planet Bajor. After the wormhole was discovered by Dax and Sisko in the Denorios Belt, Kira ordered the station moved to the entrance of the wormhole. The wormhole connects the Alpha to the Idran system in the Gamma Quadrant, 70,000 light years apart. The Denorios Belt is a charged plasma field located in the Bajor system, orbiting the Bajoran primary star.
The episode opens with the the Battle of Wolf 359 (see also The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"). During the battle, Lt. Cmdr. Sisko served as First Officer on the U.S.S. Saratoga (NCC-31911, Miranda-class). Sisko escaped with his son Jake, but his wife Jennifer perished during the attack.
The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D drops off Starfleet personnel, including Chief O'Brien, and three runabouts.
During the opening credits for this episode, the wormhole does not appear at the end (since it hadn't been discovered yet!).
Max Grodénchik is credited as "Ferengi Pit Boss." He'll later be identified as Quark's brother Rom.
Production for the series began on 8/11/1992. Filming began on 8/18/1992 through 9/25/1992.


"Past Prologue"

Episode Number3 Odo takes custody of Tahna after he betrays Kira
 Odo takes custody of Tahna after he betrays Kira
Production Number003 
Original Airdate1/9/1993 
TeleplayKathryn Powers 
DirectorWinrich Kolbe 
A reunion with a member of the Bajoran terrorist group Kohn-Ma, Tahna Los, forces Kira to choose between her people and her duty as a Federation liason officer. The Klingon renegades Lursa and B'Etor arrive on the station to meet with the terrorist, who claims to be a reformed character.
Guest Cast
Jeffrey Nordling (Tahna Los)
Andrew Robinson (Garak)
Gwynyth Walsh (B'Etor)
Barbara March (Lursa)
Susan Bay (Admiral Rollman)
Vaughn Armstrong (Gul Dunar)
Richard Ryder (Bajoran Deputy)
Kira goes to Admiral Rollman regarding Tahna's asylum. Sisko warns her that if she ever goes over his head again, he'll have hers on a platter.
Tahna attempts to destroy the wormhole, so that Bajor will be left alone by both the Federation and the Cardassians.
This episode introduces Garak, who becomes a regular minor character and eventually a friend of Dr. Bashir. Garak owns a clothing shop on the Promenade.
Lursa and B'Etor appeared in The Next Generation episodes "Redemption, Part I" and "Redemption, Part II"; and later, in TNG's "Firstborn", in addition to the motion picture Star Trek: Generations.


"A Man Alone"

Episode Number4 A mob follows Odo to his office
 A mob follows Odo to his office
Production Number004 
Original Airdate1/16/1993 
StoryGerald Sanford & Michael Piller 
TeleplayMichael Piller 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
After arriving at Deep Space 9, Ibudan, a Bajoran murderer recently released from prison, tangles with Security Chief Odo. When Ibudan is murdered in a holosuite, the evidence points to a shapeshifter as the guilty party. Odo, who had vowed to remove Ibudan from Deep Space 9 at any cost, is accused of the crime. Soon an angry group of Bajorans comes looking for justice and Commander Sisko is forced to relieve Odo of duty.
Guest Cast
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
Edward Lawrence Albert (Zayra)
Max Grodénchik (Rom)
Peter Vogt (Bajoran)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Stephen James Carver (Ibudan)
Tom Klunis (Old Man/Lamonay S.)
Scott Trost (Bajoran Officer)
Patrick Cupo (Bajoran Man)
Kathryn Graf (Bajoran Woman)
Hana Hatae (Molly O'Brien)
Diana Cignoni (Dabo Girl)
Judi Durand (Computer Voice)
This was the first episode filmed after the pilot episode ("Emissary"), but was aired after "Past Prologue". It contains quite a few supplementary facts about Trills and Dax and Sisko's relationship.
Keiko, who was a Starfleet Botanist on the Enterprise now finds herself very unhappy with nothing to do. With Sisko's approval, she opens a Federation school on the station. Jake, Nog, and two Bajoran children attend the first day.



Episode Number5 Kira tracks down Dr. Surnak
 Kira tracks down Dr. Surnak
Production Number005 
Original Airdate1/23/1993 
StoryMichael McGreevey and Naren Shankar 
TeleplaySally Caves and Ira Steven Behr 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
Exhausted from trying to fix an epidemic of mechanical problems on the station Chief O'Brien becomes ill with a mysterious ailment that transforms speech into an incomprehensible babble. When Lt. Dax succumbs to the same ailment, tests reveal that both have been infected by the same virus. Soon the virus causes an epidemic of babbling on Deep Space Nine, and Commander Sisko is forced to put the entire station under quarantine. While searching for the source of the outbreak, Major Kira Nerys stumbles upon a Bajoran device planted some 18 years earlier. Now it's up to her to track down the virus' creator and find a cure before the epidemic turns deadly.
Guest Cast
Matthew Faison (Dr. Surmak Ren)
Jack Kehler (Captain Jaheel)
Ann Gillespie (Nurse Jabara)
Richard Ryder (Bajoran Deputy)
Geraldine Farrell (Galis Blin)
Bo Zenga (Asoth)
Frank Novak (Businessman)
Kathleen Wirt (Aphasia Victim)
Lee Brooks (Aphasia Victim)
Todd Feder (Federation Male)
The virus was activated by Chief O'Brien while fixing a command-level replicator. It then spread through the food served by Quark, and then mutated into an air-born virus.


"Captive Pursuit"

Episode Number6 The hunter captures Tosk
 The hunter captures Tosk
Production Number006 
Original Airdate1/30/1993 
StoryJill Sherman Donner 
TeleplayJill Sherman Donner & Michael Piller 
DirectorCorey Allen 
Chief O'Brien befriends a mysterious alien who comes through the Wormhole in a badly damaged ship. The first of his species to come to Deep Space Nine, Tosk is a unique reptilian-like creature whose behavior patterns are so different from humans that he arouses the suspicions of the crew. When he is caught altering a security grid near the weapons locker he refuses to answer any questions, but his silence is explained when an alien hunter arrives and reveals that Tosk is the prey in a deadly game of pursuit. Commander Sisko is faced with a dilemma -- he cannot save their new friend from a life of captivity without flagrantly violating Starfleet's Prime Directive.
Guest Cast
Scott MacDonald (Tosk)
Gerrit Graham (The Hunter)
Kelly Curtis (Miss Sardah)



Episode Number7 Q and Vash arrive on Deep Space 9
 Q and Vash arrive on Deep Space 9
Production Number007 
Original Airdate2/13/1993 
StoryRobert Hewitt Wolfe 
TeleplayHannah Louise Shearer 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
After a two-year journey through the Gamma Quadrant, Vash arrives at Deep Space Nine loaded with treasures. Unfortunately, the mischievous Q has followed her, and once he's on board the trouble begins. Meanwhile, the station experiences a series of violent power outages. While Quark helps Vash auction off some of the mysterious treasures she has acquired, the crew struggles to find the cause of the power source before the station is torn apart. When Q is accused of causing the trouble, he only hints at where the true cause lies. One thing is clear: if the crew doesn't act fast, the station will be destroyed.
Guest Cast
John De Lancie ("Q")
Jennifer Hetrick (Vash)
Van Epperson (Bajoran Clerk)
Tom McCleister (Kolos)
Laura Cameron (Bajoran Woman)
Vash was last seen with Q in the Next Generation episode "Qpid". Vash's first appearance was in the TNG episode "Captain's Holiday".



Episode Number8 Dax refuses to defend herself
 Dax refuses to defend herself
Production Number008 
Original Airdate2/13/1993 
StoryPeter Allan Fields 
TeleplayD.C. Fontana and Peter Allan Fields 
DirectorDavid Carson 
Hiding in the shadows, Ilon Tandro of Klaestron IV attempts to kidnap Lt. Jadzia Dax from the station. After the attempt fails, he produces a warrant charging Curzon Dax (her former Trill identity) for the murder of his father, General Ardelon Tandro, thirty years before. Though Dax refuses to discuss the events surrounding the crime, Sisko requests a Bajoran extradition hearing and mounts a defense on her behalf, dispatching Odo to Klaestron IV to investigate. While many relevant details of Trill life are revealed as the hearing progresses, Jadzia has no alibi for Curzon's whereabouts during the crime.
Guest Cast
Gregory Itzen (Ilon Tandro)
Anne Haney (Judge Renora)
Fionulla Flanagan (Enina Tandro)
Richard Lineback (Selin Peers)
Curzon Dax was having an affair with Enina Tandro and was in her bed at the time of the secret transmission. Odo discovered that it was General Tandro himself who betrayed his people, and the rebels killed him afterwards.
Anne Haney previously played Rishon Uxbridge in the TNG episode "The Survivors".


"The Passenger"

Episode Number9 Dr. Julian Bashir
 Dr. Julian Bashir
Production Number009 
Original Airdate2/20/1993 
StoryMorgan Gendel 
TeleplayMorgan Gendel and Robert Hewitt Wolfe & Michael Piller 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
While traveling in a runabout, Dr. Bashir and Major Kira respond to a distress call from a disabled Kobliad ship. When they beam over, Bashir is attacked by an injured passenger -- a murderer named Rao Vantika, who suddenly dies. Back aboard Deep Space Nine, the Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada insists on an autopsy to prove Vantika, who has a history of faking his own demise, is truly dead. Meanwhile, the crew determines that Vantika was probably coming to the station to hi-jack a freighter carrying deuridium, a rare substance that prolongs Kobliad life. When Odo tries to implement a security plan to protect the shipment, he discovers that the station computer's memory has been purged. The crew is now convinced that Vantika may be hiding in someone else's brain -- and so the hunt for the passenger begins.
Guest Cast
Caitlin Brown (Ty Kajada)
James Lashly (Lt. George Primmin)
Christoper Collins (Durg)
James Harper (Rao Vantika)


"Move Along Home"

Episode Number10 The crew is trapped in the game
 The crew is trapped in the game
Production Number010 
Original Airdate3/13/1993 
StoryMichael Piller 
TeleplayFrederick Rappaport and Lisa Rich & Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci 
DirectorDavid Carson 
Commander Sisko welcomes the Wadi, a new alien species from the Gamma Quadrant. Once on board, the alien leader, Falow, dispenses with the pleasantries and immediately heads for Quark's Bar to gamble. Sensing a profit-making opportunity, Quark encourages the aliens to play Dabo, and they begin to win. But when Quark is caught rigging the game, Falow forces him to play a new game called Chula. When the game begins, Sisko and his senior officers disappear from the station and find themselves trapped in a dangerous alien labyrinth, with Quark playing for their lives.
Guest Cast
Joel Brooks (Falow, Master Surchid of the Wadi)
James Lashly (Lt. George Primmin)
Clara Bryant (Chandra)


"The Nagus"

Episode Number11 Quark and the Grand Nagus Zek
 Quark and the Grand Nagus Zek
Production Number011 
Original Airdate3/20/1993 
StoryDavid Livingston 
TeleplayDavid Livingston and Ira Steven Behr 
DirectorDavid Livingston 
Grand Nagus Zek, the revered leader of the Ferengi business empire, pays a visit to Quark, who worries that the legendary Ferengi wants to buy his bar out from under him. Instead, Zek plans an important conference at the bar to discuss the future of Ferengi business in the Gamma Quadrant. There, to everyone's surprise, he announces his retirement and selects Quark to replace him! After a few threatening encounters, Grand Nagus Quark quickly learns that great power comes with great danger. When Zek dies, Quark barely avoids an assassination attempt at the funeral. Soon the greedy new Nagus finds himself trapped in a treacherous battle for power -- and like a true Ferengi he loves every second of it.
Guest Cast
Wallace Shawn (Grand Nagus Zek)
Max Grodénchik (Rom)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Tiny Ron (Maihar'du)
Lee Arenberg (Gral)
Lou Wagner (Krax)
Berry Gordon (Nava)
This episode introduces the Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek. (The Grand Nagus is the leader of the Ferengi Alliance.)
Rom acts like a typical Ferengi business man. When Zek objects to Nog going to school, Rom prohibits Nog from going to the Hu-Man school.
Sisko tells Jake not to see Nog because he thinks Nog is a bad influence, but changes his mind when he finds out Jake is teaching Nog how to read.
The Nagus made Quark Nagus and faked his death to see if his son was ready to become Nagus.



Episode Number12 Quark and Constable Odo
 Quark and Constable Odo
Production Number012 
Original Airdate4/17/1993 
TeleplaySam Rolfe 
DirectorWinrich Kolbe 
Croden, an alien criminal from the other side of the wormhole, tempts Odo by telling the shape-shifter he can put the changeling in contact with others like himself. After an unproductive contact with the Rakhari government, Sisko reluctantly agrees to return him to the Rakhari without holding a trial for the murder he committed on the station. Assigned to transport the criminal back to his homeworld, Odo discovers that his case is not as clearcut as it appeared, and that the brother of the murdered man is in hot pursuit.
Guest Cast
Max Grodénchik (Rom)
Cliff De Young (Croden)
Randy Ogelsby (Ah-Kel)
Gordon Clapp (Hadran)
Kathleen Garrett (Vulcan Captain)
Leslie Engelberg (Yareth)


"Battle Lines"

Episode Number13  
Production Number013 
Original Airdate4/24/1993 
StoryHilary J. Bader 
TeleplayRichard Danus and Evan Carlos Somers 
DirectorPaul Lynch 
Bajor's spiritual leader, Kai Opaka, visits the station for the first time. After a tour, Sisko, Bashir and Kira agree to accompany her on a trip through the wormhole. When their Runabout is attacked, it crash lands on a small moon. The Kai is killed and the officers are captured by a race of battle-scarred humanoids trapped in an endless war. After a brutal enemy attack, the Kai reappears -- alive and well! Soon all the soldiers who were killed in the attack also come back to life and Sisko learns that as long as they are on this planet, the combatants cannot die -- but if the station officers die, even once, they can never leave! Can they escape before suffering a fate worse than death?
Guest Cast
Camille Saviola (Kai Opaka)
Paul Collins (Zlangco)
Jonathan Banks (Shel-La)
The runabout U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang NCC-72453 was destroyed.
Kai Opaka dies in the shuttle crash, but the same technology that keeps the prisoners alive revives her. She is forced to remain on the planet.


"The Storyteller"

Episode Number14  
Production Number014 
Original Airdate5/1/1993 
StoryKurt Michael Bensmiller 
TeleplayKurt Michael Bensmiller and Ira Steven Behr 
DirectorDavid Livingston 
Commander Sisko is asked to mediate a dispute between two rival Bajoran factions. To everyone's surprise, one of the negotiators, Varis Sul, turns out to be a 15-year-old girl, who captures the attentions of Jake and Nog. Meanwhile, O'Brien and Bashir beam down to a Bajoran village in grave danger -- their leader, the Sirah, is sick and if he dies the village will be destroyed by a terrible creature, the Dal'Rok. That night, as the Dal'Rok approaches, the Sirah tells a story uniting the people of the village, but he weakens and O'Brien is forced to step in and help.
Guest Cast
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Kay E. Kuter (The Sirah)
Lawrence Monoson (Hovath)
Gina Phillips (Varis Sul)
Jim Jansen (Magistrate Faren Kag)
Jordan Lund (Woban)
The Paqu and Narot territories are separated by the River Glyrhond, which was diverted during the Cardassian occupation.



Episode Number15  
Production Number015 
Original Airdate5/8/1993 
TeleplayPeter Allan Fields 
DirectorLes Landau 
In search of more energy, the Bajoran government plans to tap the molten core of its fifth moon, Jeraddo. During an inspection of the moon's surface, Kira discovers a Bajoran farmer, Mullibok, who refuses to leave. Meanwhile, on the station, Nog and Jake try to make a quick buck by selling some Cardassian yamok sauce Quark has been stuck with. But the prospective buyer offers a trade instead and the wheeling and dealing begins. Back on Jeraddo, Kira attempts to forcibly remove Mullibok in the name of progress. As Jake and Nog's desperation to make a profit grows, so does Kira's desire to save the old man.
Guest Cast
Brian Keith (Mullibok)
Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
Nicholas Worth (Alien Captain)
Michael Bofshever (Toran)
Terrence Evans (Baltrim)
Annie O'Donnell (Keena)
Daniel Riordan (1st Guard)


"If Wishes Were Horses"

Episode Number16  
Production Number016 
Original Airdate5/15/1993 
StoryNell McCue Crawford & William L. Crawford 
TeleplayNell McCue Crawford & William L. Crawford and Michael Piller 
DirectorRobert Legato 
Imaginations run wild when Rumpelstiltskin, legendary baseball player Buck Bokai, and a duplicate Dax suddenly appear on the station. An investigation reveals that the crew's fantasies are somehow coming to life and wreaking havoc. Dax surmises the anomaly is being caused by a disruption in the plasma field -- it seems a similar subspace rupture occurred in the Hanoli system and destroyed it. As the danger mounts, the crew devises a plan to seal the rupture with a modified photon torpedo, but the attempt fails. Sisko must put his mind over his imagination in order to avert a major disaster.
Guest Cast
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
Hana Hatae (Molly O'Brien)
Keone Young (Buck Bakai)
Michael John Anderson (Rumpelstiltskin)


"The Forsaken"

Episode Number17  
Production Number017 
Original Airdate5/22/1993 
StoryJim Trombetta 
TeleplayDon Carlos Dunaway & Michael Piller 
DirectorLes Landau 
The irrepressible Lwaxana Troi, mother of Enterprise counselor Deanna Troi, visits the station with a group of Federation ambassadors. Dr. Bashir hosts the ambassadors, who are displeased with everything he does. When Lwaxana's broach is stolen at Quark's, Odo catches the thief and returns it. She is immediately taken with the shape-shifter. Meanwhile, an unidentified alien probe comes through the wormhole and somehow alters the station's computer. O'Brien's attempts to fix the problem result in a massive plasma explosion, which traps Odo in a turbolift with Lwaxana, and Bashir with the other three ambassadors.
Guest Cast
Majel Barrett (Betazed Ambassador Lwaxana Troi)
Michael Ensign (Vulcan Ambassador Lojal)
Jack Shearer (Bolian Ambassador Vadosia)
Constance Towers (Arbazan Ambassador Taxco)
Benita Andre (Anara)
This is the first appearance of Lwaxana Troi (Deanna Troi's mother) on Deep Space Nine.
When Odo and Lwaxana are trapped in a turbolift, she holds up her dress and allows him to revert to his liquid form when he can no longer hold his shape.
Kira switches from the two-piece uniform to the tight one-piece catsuit in this episode.


"Dramatis Personae"

Episode Number18  
Production Number018 
Original Airdate5/29/1993 
TeleplayJoe Menosky 
DirectorCliff Bole 
A Klingon ship blasts through the wormhole and explodes, but not before an injured Klingon, shrouded in a strange violet light, transports to the station and dies. Soon everyone on board begins to undergo bizarre personality changes: Bashir becomes cold and calculating; O'Brien turns power-hungry and suspicious; Dax grows dreamy and distant; and Major Kira plots to overthrow Sisko. The only one who seems to be unaffected is Odo. While he searches for clues to the crew's mysterious behavior, the senior officers begin to choose sides as the battle for control of the station rages.
Guest Cast
Tom Towles (the Klingon)
Jeff Pruitt (Ensign)
Stephen Parr (Valerian)
Randy Pflug (Guard)



Episode Number19  
Production Number019 
Original Airdate6/12/1993 
StoryLisa Rich & Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci 
TeleplayPeter Allan Fields 
DirectorJames L. Conway 
A Kobheerian freighter arrives at the station carrying a Cardassian passenger suffering from a medical condition known as Kalla-Nohra. Upon seeing the visitor, Major Kira immediately arrests him, citing that the only place he could have contracted Kalla-Nohra was at Gallitepp, a Bajoran forced labor camp. Though he denies the accusation the Cardassian is held captive while Kira investigates his background. A photograph from Bajoran archives reveals that he is actually Gul Darhe'el, the "Butcher of Gallitepp." However, all is not as it seems when information supplied by Gul Dukat reveals that the Cardassian they are holding cannot be who he claims to be.
Guest Cast
Harris Yulin (Gul Darhe'el/Aamin Marritza)
Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat)
Ted Sorel (Koval)
Tony Rizzoli (Kainon)
Normal Large (Captain)
Robin Christopher (Neela)
Marritza was surgically altered to look like Gul Darhe'el, the "Butcher of Gallitep," because he felt guilty for not being able to do anything to help the Bajorans while working as a file clerk at the Gallitep forced labor camp. He was ready to be executed as a war criminal, so that the atrocities commited by the Cardassians against the Bajorans would be publically tried. He was killed by Kainon because not because he was Darhe'el, but because "he is a Cardassian."
Neela is O'Brien's new Bajoran assistant.


"In the Hands of the Prophets"

Episode Number20  
Production Number020 
Original Airdate6/19/1993 
TeleplayRobert Hewitt Wolfe 
DirectorDavid Livingston 
Vedek Winn, a conservative orthodox Bajoran spiritual leader, objects to Keiko's scientific teachings about the wormhole. When Commander Sisko tries to resolve the conflict, the Vedek claims Keiko has dishonored the Prophets with her blasphemous teachings and unless she recants there will be dire consequences. Meanwhile, Chief O'Brien discovers an important tool is missing and the ensign who took it was murdered. Hoping for a peaceful solution, Sisko seeks advice from Vedek Bareil, the leading candidate to become Bajor's next Kai. But when a bomb blast destroys the school, tension between the Bajorans and the Federation mounts. As the two Vedeks come together to examine the wreckage, Chief O'Brien uncovers the identity of the ensign's killer -- and a shocking conspiracy to assassinate one of the Vedeks.
Guest Cast
Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn Adami)
Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil Antos)
Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien)
Robin Christopher (Neela)
Michael Eugene Fairman (Vendor)
This episode introduces Vedek Winn and Vedek Bareil, who would both become recurring characters.
Vedek Winn tells Keiko the Hands of the Prophets guide ships through their Celestial Temple and that she is teaching blasphemy.
Vedek Winn uses Neela to try to assassinate Vedek Bareil. Neela also killed Ensign Aquino.
A Vedek is a Bajoran religious leader. Each region on Bajor chooses a Vedek to represent them in the Vedek Assembly, which is headed by the Kai, who is the religious and spiritual leader of Bajor. (The First Minister is the head of the Bajoran Government. Jaro Essa is the First Minister at this point.) The Vedek Assembly consists of 112 Vedeks.
The 7th Rule of Acquisition is "keep your ears open."
When the school explodes, Keiko runs up to Miles and says "Miles!" -- but for some reason the closed captioning says "Michael!" When Bareil arrives on the station, Kai Winn says "I expected you sooner, Bareil" -- but the closed captioning says "I expected you sooner, O'Brien."

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