Other Prisoners

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Other Prisoners (minor and uncredited cast members)
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Afsana Sanjay Afsana
Prisoner #
Actor: Conrad Lindsay

Bismilla's lieutenant; one of Said's bodyguards.
Eduardo Alvarez Eduardo Alvarez
Prisoner #
Actor: Jose R. Rosario

Miguel Alvarez' father.
His tongue was cut out by another prisoner (who his father Ricardo then killed).
Ricardo Alvarez Deceased Ricardo Alvarez
Prisoner #43A515
Actor: Tomas Milian

Convicted March 3, 1943, Armed robbery. Sentence: 20 years. Convicted June 6, 1961, Murder in the first degree. Sentence: Life imprisonment, solitary confinement. Miguel Alvarez' grandfather. Developed Alzheimer's, then died.
Baptista Luis Baptista
Prisoner #?
Actor: Ali Merhi

Received his GED in 1998.
Barber "Barber"
Prisoner #?
Actor: Rockets Redglare

Oz's barber in Season 3.
Barber "Barber"
Prisoner #?
Actor: Colin McNish

Oz's barber in Season 6.
Bennett Curtis Bennett
Prisoner #01B624
Actor: Master P

Bennett tells Schillinger that his son Hank pimped Carrie, so Vern's granddaughter Jewel might not be Hank's child.
Bismilla Nacim Bismilla
Prisoner #95B327
Actor: Ra Hanna

Said's head bodyguard. Doesn't really like Arif.
Brandt Deceased William Brandt
Prisoner #96B339?
Actor: Matthew Cowles

Willy Brandt was hired by C.O. Johnson (who was recruited by Devlin and his assistant Loftus) to kill Wilson Loewen. Killed by inmate Lionel Kelsch.
Jim Burns Deceased Jim Burns
Prisoner #?
Actor: Peter James Kelsch

A biker "healed" by Jeremiah Cloutier. Usually seen with Timmy Kirk, trying to convert other prisoners through violence and intimidation.
DeSanto Deceased Salvatore DeSanto
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Poet pinned Hill's drug problem on him and Redding gives him an overdose of LSD.
Downing Kiki Faye Downing
Prisoner #94D696
Actor: Rohan Quine

Usually seen in the background in Em City with Zonioni and Masters.
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Gunner Gunner F.
Prisoner #99F741
Actor: Brian Rogalski

Timmy Kirk persuaded him to kill Jeremiah Cloutier. Dr. Nathan stopped him before he could finish smothering him with a pillow.
Freaky Deceased "Freaky"
Prisoner #
Actor: Terry Serpico

Demanded oral sex from Richie Hanlon; he accidentally fell to his death when he fell over the second floor railing as they fought.
Robbie Gerth Robbie Gerth
Prisoner #
Actor: Patrick Breen

Had late stage AIDS. When Adebisi worked in the AIDS ward, he stole some of Gerth's blood to infect Antonio Nappa.
Gougeon Samuel Gougeon
Prisoner #97G141
Actor: Blayne Perry

When Samuel tried to convert to Catholicism, Timmy Kirk had him beaten.
Convicted August 5th 1997. Manslaughter. Sentence: 19 years, up for parole in 10.
Gyrobile Farai Gyrobile
Prisoner #98G522
Actor: Marcus Maurice

Gyrobile matches Rebadow's grandson's ethnic background, but Gyrobile won't donate bone marrow because he doesn't want it exposed that his mother is not black.
Harden Harden
Prisoner #91H481
Actor: Stephen Love

One of the Christians; works in the hospital ward. Stole Supreme Allah's medical records for Augustus Hill, revealing to Hill and Burr Redding Allah's severe allergy to eggs, which in turn, resulted in Allah's unpleasant death in the cafeteria.
Henke Henke
Prisoner #97H813
Actor: Johnny Russo

Often seen in Em City with Hoyt.
Jarvis Jarvis
Prisoner #95J932
Actor: Steve Bonge

Ocassionally seen in Em City with Hoyt.
Jenkins Deceased Carl Jenkins
Prisoner #00J373
Actor: Joshua Harto

Robson offered to let him join the Brotherhood if he killed Said. Leroy Tidd protected Said, and he killed Tidd instead. Hanged himself after giving up Robson.
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Billie Keane Billie Keane
Prisoner #
Actor: Derrick Simmons

Jefferson Keane's younger (gay) brother, who made a pass at Dino Ortolani and was beaten to near-death.
Kelsch Lionel Kelsch
Prisoner #97K186
Actor: Tom Hoty

Created a diversion while Willy Brandt killed Wilson Loewen. C.O. Johnson then payed Kelsch to kill Brandt, and then Leo Glynn.
Manhardt Frank Manhardt
Prisoner #?
Actor: Frank Senger

Worked in the mail room with Schillinger and represented the Bikers on McManus' Em City council before Jaz Hoyt.
Martinez Deceased Julio Martinez
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Killed by Jefferson Keane.
Masters Tony Masters
Prisoner #98M922
Actor: Steve Wishnoff

Usually seen in the background in Em City with Zonioni and Downing.
Kenaniah Kenaniah Maxwell
Prisoner #?
Actor: Malik

One of Redding's drug runners.
Liam Liam Meaney
Prisoner #99M427
Actor: Seth William Meier

Liam can usually be seen with Ryan O'Reily and the Irish in Em City. Querns moved Keller into Liam's pod when he separated Keller and Beecher. After Keller was transferred out, Padraig Connolly arrived and became Liam's podmate.
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Pasquin Steve Pasquin
Prisoner #
Actor: John Perretti

"Thottlin' Steve Pasquin" was the Biker's boxer during the boxing matches.
Pinkerton Pinkerton
Prisoner #99P334
Actor: Georges Bridges

Usually seen in the background in Em City with Zonioni, Downing and Masters.
Post Deceased Johnny Post
Prisoner #
Actor: Tim McAdams

Set Dino Ortolani on fire, and then was killed by the Italians.
Rawls Reggie Rawls
Prisoner #01R394
Actor: Mtume Gant

Burr Redding's drug runner in Unit C. Convicted January 10, 2001. Aggravated Assault. Sentence: 12 years, up for parole in 4.
Carlos Deceased Carlos Rodrigo
Prisoner #?
Actor: Benny Nieves

Tried to get Ryan O'Reily to use his connections to get to Keane, who had killed inmate Julio Martinez. Died in the 1997 Riot.
Sanchez Deceased Emilio Sanchez
Prisoner #
Actor: Jose Soto

Late stage AIDS patient who told Dino Ortolani he wanted to die. Dino suffocated him.
Sands Max Sands
Prisoner #99S812
Actor: Mike Arotsky

Jaz Hoyt's podmate. Usually seen in Em City with Hoyt.
Italian Guy Mario Seggio
Prisoner #95H522
Actor: Todd Alan Etelson

Usually seen with Pancamo and Zanghi.
Clarence Clarence Seroy
Prisoner #02S243
Actor: Emanuel Yarbrough

Convicted of Arson.
Shemin Deceased Nate Shemin
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Said caught Beecher and Shemin about to have sex. Keller later killed Shemin and he and O'Reily pinned the murder on Supreme Allah.
Shupe Glen Shupe
Prisoner #99S917
Actor: Joel West

Convicted April 22, 1999. Manslaughter. Sentence: 15 years, up for parole in 8. Usually seen in Em City. Shupe discovered Shemin just before Shemin died in the laundry room. His left arm was severed at the shoulder in an "accident" in 2002.
Simpson Simpson
Prisoner #97S532
Actor: ?

Usually seen in Em City during season 4.
Stanton Henry Stanton
Prisoner #99S131
Actor: Thomas G. Waites

In Protective Custody.
Drag Queen Stein
Prisoner #?
Actor: Hank Wagner

Playing Lady Macbeth in Suzanne's staging of "Macbeth".
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Vasquez Deceased Jorge Vasquez
Prisoner #92M220
Actor: José Hernández, Jr.

Vasquez threatens Alvarez for killing Carlo Ricardo. Alvarez responds by slitting Vasquez's throat.
Velez Deceased Jaime Velez
Prisoner #?
Actor: Christopher Rivera

Wanted to be Miguel Alvarez' lieutenant. Alvarez told him to kill Guerra, but Guerra killed Velez.
Vincent Vincent
Prisoner #
Actor: ?

Adebisi was his initial sponsor when Vincent arrived in Em City during Season 2. Was not seen again until Adebisi took control, where he was often seen as Adebisi's boy toy. Lately seen as part of Reverend Cloutier's flock.
Whitworth A. R. Whitworth
Prisoner #02W424
Actor: Ben Vereen

Has a dream about Rebadow's grandson and faith healing. Whitworth was faith-healed when he was young.
Wick Deceased Fred Wick
Prisoner #
Actor: Chazz Menendez

Seasons 1-4. Died while taking the experimental aging drug.
Usually seen with Jaz Hoyt and the other bikers and Aryans.
Yusef Jamal Yusef
Prisoner #01Y208
Actor: Avery Glymph

Worked in the book-binding lab.
Zanghi Don Zanghi
Prisoner #?
Actor: John Palumbo

Usually seen with Pancamo; Pancamo's pod-mate.
Zonioni Fiona Zonioni
Prisoner #96Z506
Actor: James Palacio

Usually seen in the background in Em City with Masters and Downing.
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Italian Guy ?Unnamed Italian
Prisoner #?
Actor: Sal Sirchia

Sometimes seen with in the background with Zanghi.
Italian Guy ?Unnamed Italian
Prisoner #?
Actor: Anthony Palladino

Sometimes seen with in the background with Zanghi and ?Unnamed Italian above
Biker ?Unnamed Biker
Prisoner #83___
Actor: Marc Yarrish

Formerly seen in Unit B with Schillinger, but appears to have taken Wick's place in Em City, where he is now seen with Hoyt. Often seen wearing a T-shirt that reads, "Welcome to America, Now Speak English."
Biker ?Unnamed Biker
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Occassionally seen with Hoyt.
Biker ?Unnamed Biker
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Seen in Em City with Sands.
Aryan ?Unnamed Aryan
Prisoner #01I181
Actor: Lou Sumrall

Works in the shop. Gang-raped Peter Schibetta with Robson and Schillinger.
Aryan ?Unnamed Aryan
Prisoner #97D899
Actor: Danny Rogers, Jr.

Helped Robson slice up Lalar.
Aryan ?Unnamed Aryan
Prisoner #01K529
Actor: JD Nugent

Latino ?Unnamed Latino
Prisoner #?
Actor: Oscar ?

Usually seen with Guerra.
Latino ?Unnamed Latino
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Christian ?Unnamed Christian
Prisoner #?
Actor: ?

Part of Reverend Cloutier's flock.
Drag Queen ?Unnamed Drag Queen
Prisoner #?
Actor: Cradeaux Alexander

Vern has him give Tobias Beecher a makeover.

Special thanks to Sal Camilleri for his help identifying some of these prisoners!