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Other Cast Members (family and other minor cast members)
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Whitney Allen Whitney Allen (as TV's "Miss Sally")
Actor: Whitney Allen

Whitney Allen has appeared both as Miss Sally on the fictional "Miss Sally's Schoolyard" and as herself.
Carmen Alvarez Carmen Alvarez
Actor: Judith Delgado

Miguel Alvarez's mother.
Martiza Alvarez Martiza Alvarez
Actor: Elizabeth Rodriguez

Miguel Alvarez's wife. Convicted February 3, 1997. Serving sentence at Parker Women's Facility. She gave birth to a baby boy shortly after being arrested. The boy was born with a bad liver and died shortly after. She has been released and is currently working as a travel agent.
Sonsyrea Arif Deceased Sonsyrea Arif
Actor: Brienin Bryant

Zahir Arif's wife. Died in January 2002 when the bus carrying her to visit Oz was run off the road.
Bailey Lawrence Bailey
Actor: Peter Appel

Shirley Bellinger's original lawyer. He recused himself after the money ran out.
Abby Basil Abby Basil
Actor: Rosalyn Coleman

Detective Johnny Basil's wife (widow).
Angus Beecher Angus Beecher
Actor: Jayce Bartok

Tobias Beecher's younger brother.
Gary Beecher Deceased Gary Beecher
Actor: ?

Tobias Beecher's son. Kidnapped and murdered by Hank Schillinger.
Genevieve Beecher Deceased Genevieve Beecher
Actor: Susan Floyd

Tobias Beecher's wife. Shortly after Tobias arrived in Oz, she filed for divorce and then killed herself.
Grandmother Beecher Grandmother Beecher
Actor: Elizabeth Lawrence

Tobias Beecher's grandmother.
Harrison Beecher Deceased Harrison Beecher
Actor: Edward Herrmann

Tobias Beecher's father. Stabbed to death by Franklin Winthrop as an intiation into the Aryan Brotherhood.
Mama Beecher Mrs. Harrison Beecher
Actor: Kathleen Widdoes

Tobias Beecher's mother.
Holly Beecher Holly Beecher
Actor: ?

Tobias Beecher's daughter.
Zeke Bellinger Zeke Bellinger
Actor: Michael Gaston

Shirley Bellinger's ex-husband.
Norma Clark Norma Clark
Actor: Michelle Schumacher

Norma is a secretary at the studio where "Miss Sally's Schoolhouse" is filmed. She read Busmalis' letters and met him and fell in love. Norma never showed up for the wedding. She later gave birth to a daughter, Ruby, by her ex-boyfriend.
Cathy Jo Cutler Cathy Jo Cutler
Actor: Amie Quigley

Wolfgang Culter's wife. After Cutler died, he left Miguel Alvarez as his sole beneficiary. Cathy arrives to plead with Miguel, but he decides to turn over the inheritance to her.
D'Arta D'Arta
Actor: Victor Bevine

Campaign Manager for Senator Archibald Lakin. He was Degenhart's telemarketing business's first customer.
Rick Donn Rick Donn
Actor: Tim Hopper

Channel 2 Newscaster.
Jack Eldridge Jack Eldridge
Actor: Roger Rees

A TV newsmagazine reporter. Lisa Logan was his producer. Arrived to film a documentary on Oz in 2001. It never aired.
Gordon Elliott Gordon Elliott
Actor: Gordon Elliott

The host of the fictional TV game show "Up Your Ante!"
Escobales Reynaldo Escobales
Actor: Félix Solis

Miguel Alvarez' friend. Miguel finds out that Reynaldo bas been sleeping with Martiza.
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Patricia Galson Patricia Galson
Actor: Katie Finneran

Colonel Galson's daughter.
Mary Glynn Mary Glynn
Actor: Pamela Issacs

Warden Leo Glynn's wife. She filed for divorce in 2000.
Mark Glynn Mark Glynn
Actor: Cortez Nance, Jr.

Warden Leo Glynn's brother. He worked for Nino Schibetta's guys and he killed someone for them. Peter Schibetta used this to blackmail him until Leo convinced Mark to turn himself in.
Annabelle Hill Annabelle Hill
Actor: ?

Augustus Hill's wife. Filed for divorce in 2002.
Eugenia Hill Deceased Eugenia Hill
Actor: Mary Alice

Augustus Hill's mother. Died in January 2002 when the bus carrying her to visit Oz was run off the road.
Mr. Hoyt Mr. Hoyt
Actor: Mason Adams

Jaz Hoyt's adoptive father. Jaz's adoptive mother's name is Evangeline. Sister Pete and Father Ray requested that Mr. Hoyt visit Jaz in 2003.
Lenore Hughes Lenore Hughes
Actor: Elain Graham

Officer Clayton Hughes' mother. Her husband, Officer Sam Hughes, was Leo's best friend before he was killed at Oz when Clayton was young.
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Cornelius Keane Cornelius Keane
Actor: Frankie Faison

Jefferson and Billie Keane's father.
Bonnie Keller Bonnie Keller
Actor: Mindy Luce

Chris Keller's 2nd and 4th wife.
Widow Khan Sadiyo Khan
Actor: Michael Hyatt

Hamid Khan's widow.
MrsKirk Jessica Kirk
Actor: Roxanne Hart

Timothy Kirk's mother. After Timmy's death, Jessica became obsessed with Father Ray. She began working in the hospital ward in 2003 as a nurse.
Lang Ms. Lang
Actor: Jennifer Harmon

Jaz Hoyt's lawyer. She reveals to Father Ray that Jaz has been in therapy since he was six and that he's actually a rich kid who went to Exeter and dropped out of Harvard. The bad biker image is a part of his delusion.
Lisa Logan Lisa Logan
Actor: Ally Sheedy

A TV newsmagazine producer. Arrived to film a documentary on Oz in 2001. It never aired.
Menon Menon
Actor: Anil Kumar

Kareem Said's book publisher.
Lars Nathan Lars Nathan
Actor: John McMartin

Gloria Nathan's father-in-law (Preston's father).
Patricia Nathan Patricia Nathan
Actor: Dana Ivey

Gloria Nathan's mother-in-law (Preston's mother).
Aunt Brenda Aunt Brenda O'Reily
Actor: Anne Meara

Ryan and Cyril O'Reily's aunt.
Seamus O'Reily Seamus O'Reily
Actor: Kevin Conway

Ryan and Cyril O'Reily's father. He married Suzanne Fitzgerald, who gave birth to Ryan. Suzanne left and Seamus married Tessie and she had Cyril one year later.
Shannon O'Reily Shannon O'Reily
Actor: Annika Peterson

Ryan O'Reily's wife.
Mrs. Oppenheimer Mrs. Oppenheimer
Actor: Marilyn Chris

Jaz Hoyt's birth mother. She gave him up for adoption after he was born.
Annette Osorio Deceased Annette Osorio
Actor: Delilah Cotto

Enrique Morales' younger sister. Died in January 2002 when the bus carrying her to visit Oz was run off the road.
Javier Osorio Javier Osorio
Actor: Gerald Bunsen

Enrique Morales' brother-in-law, married to Annette. Enrique nearly bashed his head in while visiting Oz in 2002.
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Mama Rebadow Mama Rebadow
Actor: Uta Hagan

Bob Rebadow's mother. Against Rebadow's wishes, she finally told his son Alex that Bob is not dead, but in prison. Alex wants to meet Bob.
Alex Rebadow Alex Rebadow
Actor: ?

Bob Rebadow's son, father to Bobby Rebadow. Bob met Alex for the first time in 1999.
Bobby Rebadow Deceased Alex Rebadow, Jr.
Actor: ?

Bob Rebadow's grandson. He has leukemia. The Em City inmates helped Rebadow collect money to send him to Sea World/Adventure City. Died in 2002.
Sarah Rebadow Sarah Rebadow
Actor: Joyce Van Patten

Bob Rebadow's sister.
Ferdinand Ricardo Ferdinand Ricardo
Actor: Jaime Tirelli

Carlo Ricardo's father.
Luis Ricardo Luis Ricardo
Actor: Carlo Alban

Carlo Ricardo's youngest brother.
Isabella Ricardo Isabella Ricardo
Actor: Paula Garces

Carlo Ricardo's sister. She visits Carlo twice before she stops coming.
Sergio Ricardo Sergio Ricardo
Actor: ?

Carlo Ricardo's younger brother. He only visits Carlo once.
Margarita Ricardo Margarita Ricardo
Actor: Natascia A. Diaz

Carlo Ricardo's sister. She visits him every week (until he is killed by Miguel Alvarez).
Tina Rivera Tina Rivera
Actor: Judy Reyes

Officer Eugene Rivera's wife. She participates with Eugene in Sister Pete's sessions with Miguel Alvarez.
Liesel Robson Liesel Robson
Actor: Katheryn Winnick

James Robson's wife.
Tricia Ross Tricia Ross
Actor: Arija Bareikis

The sister of Scott Ross, who was killed during the riot. When Kareem Said approached Tricia about suing the state, they became very close. Hamid Khan used this to take control from Said.
Carrie Schillinger Deceased Carrie Schillinger
Actor: Jenna Lamia

Hank Schillinger's wife. Hank pimped Carrie for drug money and she became pregnant. She insists her child, Jewel, is Hank's daughter, which was proven in a blood test. Died in January 2002 when the bus carrying her to visit Oz was run off the road; Jewel survived.
Greta Schillinger Greta Schillinger
Actor: Becky Ann Baker

Vern Schillinger's sister. Vern cut her off from the family after she married a Jewish man.
Hank Schillinger Deceased Hank Schillinger
Actor: Andrew Barchilon

Vern Schillinger's younger son. He kidnapped Beecher's kids and killed Gary (and sent his hand to Oz). The FBI had to let him go on a technicality. Beecher payed Pancamo to have him killed, but Keller took the blame and was transferred to Massachusetts for trial.
Heinrick Schillinger Heinrick Schillinger
Actor: Dick Bocelli

Vern Schillinger's father, who has been taking care of Vern's kids while Vern was in Oz. (Not very well, since they are now both dead.)
Jewel Schillinger Jewel Schillinger
Actor: ?

Hank and Carrie Schillinger's daughter, which was proven in a blood test. Carrie died in January 2002 when the bus carrying them to visit Oz was run off the road; Jewel survived and was sent to Montana to live with Carrie's parents.
Loretta Smith Loretta Smith
Actor: Novella Nelson

Correctional Officer Lawrence Smith's mother. (Officer Smith was killed by Donald Groves while defending Warden Glynn.)
Sprague Clifford Sprague
Actor: Geoffrey Nauffts

Augustus Hill's original lawyer.
Stransky Detective Robert Stransky
Actor: Richard Bright

During Jason Cramer's re-trial, retired Detective Stranksy revealed that he planted the evidence and had forensics fake the fingerprints that convicted Cramer.
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Rev. Truman Reverend Truman
Actor: Ona Faida Lampley

Kareem Said's sister. She warned Said to stay away from Tricia Ross and she later petitioned Leo Glynn into replacing McManus with a minority.
Rosetta Rosetta Wangler
Actor: Sybil Walker

Kenny Wangler's mother.
Zelman Arnie Zelman
Actor: Larry Pine

A high-profile lawyer. He has represented Kareem Said, the Riot civil suit, and Padraig Connolly. He represented Said's sister, Reverend Truman, when they petitioned that Tim McManus be replaced by a person of minority. He also represented Cyril O'Reily in his appeal to overturn his death sentence.
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Reporter Reporter
Actor: Peter Benson

TV news reporter, often seen reporting news on the TV in Em City.
Aryan Aryan Brotherhood Leader
Actor: Roy Thinnes

Vern calls him in to discuss Robson's dental situation. He reminds Vern of the meaning of Purity and Robson is cast out.